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What is your dream job?

I dream of becoming an actress and model....stupid right? especially when I'm fat 馃様
The only thing stupid is you giving up on your dreams before you've even tried....
I have no hope....
The worst thing you could do is lack confidence in yourself.
@MonarchButter: true
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@lubecian: I use beautify apps 馃槀
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Being a DJ/EDM producer
Not stupid at all. Have faith in yourself; you are an amazing woman.

I always wanted to be the captain of a warship. Had to let that one go many years ago. But I did end up skipper of my own sail boat for a number of years!
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u make it sound sooo easy
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Ambroseguy8051-55, M
Every girl thinks they are fat. And besides, there are some really hot-looking big girls out there anyway.
KingofPizza236-40, M
Both actresses and models exist that happen to be larger in size. Go for it!
Fat, you can fix it.

Stupid, you can麓t.
The highest paid,actor I have meet in real life. His name is. Mr. FARZANA Quddus Naureen.1976.
cycleman61-69, M
I'd be a nature photographer. Be lost weeks upon end in the backwoods of BC. :)
Nah! My dream job is to be a preschool/special ed teacher. :)
something with animals like steve erwin or jack hanna.
TheBluePrince26-30, M
You are amazing and you have what it takes to do this鉂
Average size people wear clothes too - you might do well as a model. Which, in turn, might teach you a few things about being an actor. :)
TheRascallyOne31-35, M
Is that you in the profile picture?
TheRascallyOne31-35, M
You'll make it :)
SoulAsylum31-35, M
@CherryFlower: then you're not fat.
cd101941-45, M
Not stupid at all, and you can do it! :-)

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