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What's the saltiest a game's ever made you?

Ok, so I'm playing this game for the first time.
I don't like walkthroughs, save for asking friends who played the game for tips how to tackle certain things and technical things like "what guns go with what ammo" or something like that.

>Buys game because of a sexy character.
>Finds out character has his own ending.
>Pursues ending, then learn from friends he has the hardest ending to obtain.
>Character is a mid-game one, but finds him after 11 hours of gameplay.
>Character needs item from a fleeing character, and tells me to pursue him and bring item to him.
>Fleeing character being held captive at a place that's extremely difficult to escape.
>Captors want you to do something with item with machine.
>Methinks this will ruin the ending I want, and proceed to spend maybe 4 hours trying to figure out how to escape with item.
>Finally escapes by sheer luck and figuring out a weird glitch with quicksaves and dying.
>Runs around trying to heal self, proceeds back to character.
>Smiling face (technically that's his only expression, he literally can't make another one) tells me I needed to DO WHAT THE CAPTORS WANTED ME TO DO IN THE FIRST PLACE
>Wasted 5 hours trying to get that damn item to the character, only for him to tell me I should've went with the flow anyway.
>MeIRL: [b]face of salt for 15 minutes, still salty[/b]

At least the game comes with save states and I knew I'd screw up so I saved the state in the place right before I broke that faction's trust...

THAT CHARACTER IS LUCKY HE'S SO CUTE ELSE I'D TURN HIM INTO SCRAP and he'd just respawn because that's... I'd still screw up his quest though.
5thApprentice · 26-30, M
Latest one was witcher 3. I hated the ending I got based on what I did. Didn't feel justified.
TetrisGuy · 22-25, M
You've known me since I joined EP is my robot kink really new to you lol
5thApprentice · 26-30, M
@TetrisGuy Its not new but it never gets old. 😂
TetrisGuy · 22-25, M
I mean I'm usually not really into pleasure faces and they're usually hideous, but his is so fucking hot. It's not over the top. It's very subtle like he was trying to hold it in, hide that he's liking it, but ends up breaking face (i mean he works at a casino as the casino owner's bot and has the same expression on his monitor in game and is a robot you'd think he'd be the master pokerfacer) and it's that exact moment. That subtle lip bite, eyes looking upwards... but not a realistic face and on a robot's body...

YouCanCallMeDan · 36-40, M
I struggled with dark souls3, I didn’t let it get to me though. The only game that broke me was a 2d puzzle game called vvvvvv
TetrisGuy · 22-25, M

did you get all 20 trinkets including doing things the hard way? that game never broke me lol I'm ok at platformers but I did get salty at some point. Not "i wasted 5 hours" salty, but I mean... fucking hell.

I still need to find my 3d printed glow in the dark viridian lol

that's still my favorite platformer and I'm designing extremely difficult levels in both the level editor and ved lol
YouCanCallMeDan · 36-40, M
@TetrisGuy Id love to see your 3d printed glow in the dark viridian! I didn’t get all of the trinkets. I got stuck on one puzzle and I just don’t think I had it in me to complete it. I haven’t deleted the game and I intend to go back to it one day, just not ready for it yet. What makes it worse is that my friend finds it easy. I take my hat off to you for finishing that game, it’s not easy
TetrisGuy · 22-25, M
@YouCanCallMeDan I didn't get all trinkets but I got the hardest ones. I was too lazy to get the others.

I need to find Viridian though, he's like... I have no clue. Buried in one box or another maybe, poor guy
TetrisGuy · 22-25, M
It took 17 hours, 7 of which were wasted... but... I succeeded lol
And now I know how to do this in like 3 if I started a new game and had the right weapons. But like, I wanted lore too so...

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