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Is it true the average American never visits other countries during their lifetime?

helenS36-40, F
Some haven't left their mother's basement 馃槒
tacobell26-30, M
@helenS stop calling me out you bully!
helenS36-40, F
@tacobell There, there! In the 2030s your mom will let you go to the grocery store on your own 馃槒
tacobell26-30, M
@helenS but I will most shit bucket
Mikasa18-21, F
Yup. A lot of Americans have never ever left their country. 馃 Some have never even left their own states.
tacobell26-30, M
@Mikasa this
@Mikasa some haven't left their own counties, or the counties surrounding their counties at least.
Mikasa18-21, F
@Viper That鈥檚 sad
tacobell26-30, M
38% of Americans never had a passport. Most that have traveled, went to most likely Mexico or Canada but that's basically it.
I don鈥檛 know but Americans have a huge, continent wide country we can mostly drive across. We can easily visit oceans, mountains, deserts, plains and virtually any climate without leaving the country. I鈥檝e been to nine or ten foreign countries and 44 of the 50 states. Foreign travel was fun and interesting but little compares with the North Pacific, the Grand Canyon, New England or NYC.
Tenletters31-35, M
@redredred exactly...
Mooncalf100+, M
Yes that's probably true but considering the size of the US and the lack homogeneity travelling within the states can still be quite the trip.
They鈥檙e too fat . The planes can鈥檛 get airborne.
dancingtongue80-89, M
Unfortunately some can't handle the culture shock from state to state, or even county to county. Any wonder they have difficulty embracing diversity?
DDonde31-35, M
Honestly have no idea what the actual stats are. I've been to several countries at this point and I know lots of people that have traveled abroad for vacation.
Probably, America is a huge place... some don't have a reason to visit elsewhere especially with how costly travel can be.
SumKindaMunster51-55, M
Not according to Forbes magazine based on a survey of 2000 people.

[quote]The results are pretty amazing, and perhaps explain the gaps of knowledge many Americans seem to have of the world:

-- Eleven percent of survey respondents have never traveled outside of the state where they were born.

-- Over half of those surveyed (54 percent) say they鈥檝e visited 10 states or fewer.

-- As many as 13 percent say they have never flown in an airplane.[/quote]

[quote]-- Forty percent of those questioned said they鈥檝e never left the country.

-- Over half of respondents have never owned a passport.[/quote]
Many haven't even left their hometowns let alone another country
Other countries? Well I'll be damned..

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