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I Have Imaginary Friends

[c=#000000]Hello, It's Nathan :) I Have A Super Special Imaginary Friend Named Daisy Froggy Kiss ^_^ But I Also Have Some Other Imaginary Friends Who Are Not Human ^^ One Of Them Are Thousands Of These Creatures Called The Oblivion X Bats ^.^ Here Is A Bit About My Imaginary Magical Bats ^^

The Oblivion X Bats Are These Little Tiny Robotic Living Magical Bats That Are Connected 2 My Mind ^o^ And They Are Also Connected 2 Daisy Froggy Kiss's Mind ^o^

The Oblivion X Bats Are Not Normal Bats At All ^^ They Have Magical Powers And They Can Use Magic ^.^ They Are Extremely Intelligent ^^

They Look A Bit Like This ^^ [/c]

[c=#000000]They Look A Bit Like Regular Bats But They Have Bright Crimson Red Eyes And They Have Black Skin

There Wings Are Soft And Fluffy And There Hands And Feet Have A Very Powerful Grip So That They Can Grip Onto Things

They Are Much Faster Than Ordinary Bats And They Are Very Strong And They Can Pick Up Objects That Are Twice As Big As Them And It Only Takes 4 Of Them 2 Pick Up A Human

They Have An Extremely Good Sense Of Sight And There Night Vision Is Almost Perfect And They Have A Very Powerful Sense Of Smell And They Can Smell Things From Up 2 2000 Miles Away And They Can Also Hear Things That Are 2 Miles Away From Them ^.^

They Can Shoot Laser Beams Out Of There Eyes And They Can Shoot Magical Electricity Out Of There Wings

They Can Magically Turn Invisible ^.^

They Can Fly As Fast As 3000 Miles Per Hour

They Can Magically Teleport From 1 Location 2 Another ^.^ There Teleportation Skills Are Super Cool

They Are Magically Connected 2 My Brain And They Are Magically Connected 2 Daisy Froggy Kiss's Brain So They Always Know How We Are Feeling And What We Are Thinking

They Can Magically Send Mind Reading Waves Through The Air That Connect 2 My Brain And Daisy Froggy Kiss's Brain That Tells Us What They Have Discovered ^.^ But It's Usually A Very Weak Signal Unless There Are A Lot Of Oblivion X Bats There In The Area ^^

When They Can Land On Other People's Skin (While Either Invisible Or Visible) The Oblivion X Bats Skin Magically Translates The Person's Thoughts And Emotions Into Daisy Froggy Kiss's And My Brain With The Mind Reading Signals (^__^) So They Send Magical Mind Reading Signals 2 Daisy Froggy Kiss And Myself By Landing On Other Living Things ^.^

We Use The Oblivion X Bats 2 Spy And Watch Everyone And Everything ^.^ They Send A Magical Mind Reading Signal 2 My Brain And Daisy Froggy Kiss's Brain About What Other People Are Doing, Thinking About, Saying And About Different Area's ^^

Each Oblivion X Bat Lives About 6 Years ^^ And They Eat Rats, Fruits, Honey And Spiders

They Also Control The Oblivion X Spaceship Which Is Daisy Froggy Kiss's And My Future Dream Spaceship ^.^

They Always Sense How I Am Feeling ^.^ And They Always Sense How Daisy Froggy Kiss Is Feeling ^.^And They Can Magically Sense All Of Our Thoughts ^^

They Absolutely Love Hanging Upside Down While Spying On People For Us :P

They Can Also Fly Straight Through Solid Objects And They Can Teleport Into Walls And Stuff

The Oblivion X Bats Are Very Protective Of Children ^.^ And They Absolutely Adore Children (^__^)

When I Go 2 Heaven, I Definitely Believe That God And Jesus Will Make Daisy Froggy Kiss And All Of My Other Imaginary Friends Into Real Living Things (^__^) Yay Yay Yay

So Daisy Froggy Kiss And Myself Both Have Thousands Of Little Oblivion X Bats ^.^ And We Both Love Them Very Much (^__^)

Thank You Bye Bye :))))))))) (^__^) :D [/c]

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