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I Woke Up This Morning, That's Always A Good Start

Woke before the sun rose today. The cat was softly meowing at the door and scratching at the door. The dog was whimpering that starvation was imminent and so I staggered from bed.

I quickly showered and shaved, knowing that peace from the starving horde was only achieved as long as I was moving. Dressing with haste, I discovered a knot in my shoelace. While my fingers picked at that knot trying to release the bind, one cat leapt onto my lap in case I'd forgotten that his tummy was empty.

Moments later I finished undoing that nasty little knot and headed for the kitchen with menagerie in tow. To the sink I first sped, to fill the water for the coffee pot. The grinder screamed and the brown beans became a layer in the basket.

I hit the brew button and proceeded to grab two cans, one for the cats and one for the dog. As the cats have no patience for idle hands, their can was first to have its contents divided among them. Then the dog received his long sought ration.

Then to clean the cans, clean the litter box, and then to place a helping of dry kibble in each freshly polished food dish. Then I hear the gurgle of the coffee machine, and know that I can sit and enjoy the rising sun with a fresh cup o'joe.

Each morning begins in similar fashion. The four-legged fiends know that once I'm awake they've got the power to keep me in that state.

But once the chores are done and I'm watching the morning come alive out that window, my mind wanders to what it would be like in another life. To lay in bed cuddled with a lover or to sit and feel the warmth of the sun while watching you smile at my silly jokes.

I have a hunch that the dog wouldn't starve, nor the cats fade with hunger if that alternative world should come to pass. At least this day, I have you in my thoughts to warm my heart.
MrsNesbitt · 51-55, F
On a Saturday I get up early to feed the dog too. I leave the back door open so he can go out if he wishes. Then I make tea and return to bed. Let a little light in through the window and collect my thoughts. The bed seems that much more comfortable at that point making it difficult to get up and get on.
wasityou · 46-50, F
Good morning! You are all lucky to have each other.

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