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I Have Done Crazy Things With My Best Friends

So one day, I broke my finger playing on a rope swing with friends, the how and what and fun times before (and after believe it or not) is another story, but I thought I just dislocated it, so I ignored the pain and kept having fun

The next day, I went to the emergency room to get it checked out, found out it was broken (should have realized that since my middle finger on my right hand was twisted up behind my ring finger) and they got me a splint for it (which I used for like 3 days before deciding to go without it)

I had friends with me, and we were carrying on and laughing and having a good time while waiting in the room, and Ashley, a loved one who had been staying with me, had the cute idea to hide under the sink in the cabinet, behind the trash can

The nurse/doctor (I forget which he was) said something about how there sure were a lot of us there, and I told him “I know right, and that’s not even including the one under the sink”

Ashley waits a few seconds and pops out and hearing the shock in his voice when he said “so THAT was real” was almost worth having broken my finger lmao

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