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I Was Blocked By My Best Friend

I know him since 2008, we have a lot in common. I told him I was gay back in 2010. He said he is cool with it, but I can sense the opposite. Our friendship started to fade away although I've told him more than once that I love him as my little brother and maybe even more, but it looks like he couldn't care less. By the time, he started to put walls between us, and started not to tell me about anything regarding his daily life or whatever like he used to, and when I asked if there's something wrong, he says he changed and he started to build his life and he want his privacy! He even told me not to try to call him bro or anything intimate, since he thinks we're just mates online! He even asked me not to like or comment on stuff he posts on Facebook since that would make people wonder who the heck is that person who like and comment on your stuff!
Even with him acting this way, I've never give up on him, I consider him one of my best friends ever, and I love him so much. I kept congratulating him on his b'days and when he passes his school years, and he barely reply and say cold thank you!

A few days ago, I was too horny, and I admit it was the most stupid thing ever to talk to him like that. I asked him what he was doing, and he says he was watching a boring show, and he asked what about me? And I told nothing but the truth, I said I'm lying in my bed, playing with my d**k, and I asked to show him (stupid!) and he said no. Then I asked him how is life (just to change the subject), and he said he will answer me once I'm not high on alcohol/drugs or whatever is wrong with me. I said I'm neither of those things, I'm just horny and I guess it happens to everybody!
Anyway, I said I'm sorry and I told him that I hope he accept my apology, and goodnight. He said 'Goodnight.'

A few minutes later, I noticed that he has blocked me.

I've texted him asking for forgiveness and to tell him that I'm sorry and I begged him to unblock me, but he didn't respond.

I can't stop thinking about him. I hate to lose a friend for such a silly reason, especially since I didn't do anything wrong, I mean I offered and he said no. That's that! Why did he blocked me and he knows such a movement from him would crush my heart 馃槥

I wish he's reading this right now

I love you man! 馃様
jeancolby31-35, F
I,m with Blondie on that, go out there, gay dating sites are all over the place. Point is, you won't meet anyone locked in your room.
Blonde31-35, F
I agree with Jean.
The best way to get over a man is to get under one, or on top of one.
jeancolby31-35, F
Well your friend was being nice plus a straight guy doesn't want to hear "I love you" by a gay guy.....................Think about it.
jeancolby31-35, F
You are very welcome.
Blonde31-35, F
He made it clear in several ways that he wasnt interested. He even asked you not to post things. It seems like you made him uncomfortable. Move forward and put this behind.
Somenonstop131-35, M
@Blonde I am already .. May 4 was his birthday, I felt so empty and down that I couldn't wishing him a happy birthday :( I miss him a lot :'(
Somenonstop131-35, M
@jeancolby I totally understand, and I'm doing so already .. This story is a several months old now. Thank you anyways :)
Somenonstop131-35, M
@jeancolby he wasn't .. He was overreacting and trying his best to find an excuse to end it all.
Somenonstop131-35, M
@Blonde it's so extremely hard to find someone like him. Not even close! *sigh*
Sorry to hear that young man but you will get a nice bf and it will be worth the wait buddy.
Blonde31-35, F
It's a big world out there. Go enjoy it.

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