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Should I end the friendship?

this story is too long to type, so I am just going to highlight the main issues.
It hurts me to even ask this question because I try so hard to be a friend. I try and provide emotional support, financial support, and emotional support and much. It was a huge celebration for me. graduated after battling a serious illness and almost dying. We rented a place for the celebration. I invited my guy friend to celebrate with me. we were having a nice time until a small incident came up, but got over it. when he drinks too much he starts acting differently, we had a conversation prior. He said that he he drank too much then there was a possibility of him "smashing one of my guests. mind you I was angry with him and he couldn't see why I was hurt and felt disrespected. He ended up coming anyway because we helped him get here. It would've been a waste of our money if we didn't. I decided to take a chance because usually when we argue we get over it. It started off great, we were laughing and having a good time. during the celebration he had a lot to drink and a female cousin was drunk. She called me over and basically saying he was trying to get at her and and was talking about exchanging numbers. I had issue with this because I know how he is. he has sex with random females and is already in a complicated relationship. That is really all that he is after. and I didn't want that to come between me and my family. I got angry after that, but quickly got over it. So we resumed having a good time. He came in from out of town and I told him to leave those issues there. We'd planned to watch a movie. he starts getting texts from his ex or whatever she is and the text have been so hurtful to him for the past several months, I've told him to either block her number or mute the notifications so he won't see them because he gets way past angry when he reads them. After he read them here, his whole attitude changed. He went from happy to annoyed and didn't want to be bothered by me. I tried to be a friend and try to support him. He started going off on me. I tried to give him a friend hug. He didn't want to be touched. he yelled at me not to touch his phone when it kept going off when I was trying to hand it to him to mute the notifications. He said he would just ignore it but was getting angrier by the minute they kept going off. He keeps blaming me talking about let things go, but he keeps bring it up. We got into an argument because I told him that I felt like he was taking it out on me, he said I was just like every other female. he started cussing at me and everything. earlier that day he kept trying to cuddle and kiss me which I kept reusing because we are only friends and he has issues at home. After he fussed at me about his phone I left the room because I didn't want it to escalate. He' already stopped talking and in a bad state of mind because the texts. Later that evening he contacted me on an IM. asking what i was doing if and if i was ok. i responded not really but i really but i will be. He asks me why and tell him. He asked me to come back to his room. I didn't fell comfortable going back if all we were going to do was have another argument and I told him that. he got mad and said we were adults and adults talk face to face and not though the computer.I reminded him that he contacted me first and he could come to my room. he said no got angry again and basically told me not to talk to him unless i had something to say. at that point I had no words.
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
Im sorry you’re going through this.
Maybe you both need space?
sweetiepoo · 36-40, F
@KaysHealingPath yes, I was thinking that might be best, Thank you.
Classified · M
Going by your story he wants to have things happening by his terms. And he either doesn't see his own shortcomings of doesn't want to deal with them and he takes it out on you.
I think this is very unhealthy.
Classified · M
@sweetiepoo Oops sorry. Noticed the 'by his terms' part I wanted to write was missing.
anotheruser · 31-35, M
Seems like a narcistic control freak imo
He is toxic.

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