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Do you know people who mention you to others as "he/she" while you're actually around?

I find it rude to be honest, since I rather turn to them to pick up the talk and say "you recently said this and that" instead of telling others "he/she said this and that". I can't make people memorize my name, also because some had to ask another time for my name. But what surprised me was that yesterday night, suddenly when arriving at my fav bar as always, two friends and a relatively new woman had greeted me calling my name.

The one female friend who lacks mentioning names other than of close friends of hers had not been around yet that night. But fortunately when we played cards and several people at the table had mentioned my name like half a dozen times, and when one of the two friends had mentioned my name to the female friend, a few minutes later she actually turned to me calling my name.

Was like a miracle to me, but I actually did my best not to react jealous because she seemed to call other people's names more easily. I put it off to also others having had to ask me again for my name several times.
Lilnonames · F
no they call me by name

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