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friendship over insecurities

Hi, Again lolšŸ„¹ I've been feeling insecure towards my best friend and I hate it. I'm trying my best not to but It's hard idk why, probably because I have low self esteem. We're often complimented but I always got the "you're so smart like her" but never the "you're so smart" without mentioning her name or comparing her to me. I love her as a friend and that's why I hate that I feel insecure around her and I always feel like I'm her "shadow" whenever we're together. I feel less when I'm with her. We may be on the same level on "smarts" "looks" but she will always be more than that, while me? ig I'm just "that". I hope y'all get what I meanšŸ„² istg I hate it, she deserves a better friend who isn't like me who gets jealous when she always gets the credit. She's has her own name in school and my name is "Her friend" not being called by my actual name. I'm exhausted.

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