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May I just stop you for a moment to say hello?

@Idolovemostofyourthoughts I'm rolling in dough. Monopoly dough
@DrScissorhands we can all go enjoy Mayfair now.
Nice to see you again!
@BlueVeins 馃榿 Likewise!
PoetryNEmotion56-60, F
Hi, Aidoo. I have missed you so. Just seeing you have retuned today. Welcome back! Blessings, to the one and only Aidoo. Sorry, Ido now.
@PoetryNEmotion I can't begin to explain the width of my smile
You have such a beautiful energy, I love it. I have missed you too.

Uff...when I wanted Ido I couldn't get it. Now I want Aido I can't get it. 馃槀 I surrender and just accept what is.

I am here for a while yes. I am still trying to figure out this layout. I realised I don't see everyone who posts.
PoetryNEmotion56-60, F
@Idolovemostofyourthoughts Aido, you are sunshine! I see your smile! You are always Aido-the spelling matters not. I cannot accept what is. *sighs* This place is a wasteland. Return to those who who love you, Aido. My heart sings! All these changes. Not caught up and I care not to. Blessings!
@PoetryNEmotion thank you beautiful. 鉂わ笍
No Ai? 馃

Helloooooo!! 馃ぉ
@Idolovemostofyourthoughts Thank you.
You've been gone for some time, so don't forget to adjust the new feed settings. It is far from perfect, but you can tweak it a little.
Hopefully I'll be seeing you around. 馃槂
Were you still here when they introduced dark mode?
@Classified I find it really confusing tbh. I'm not sure how to navigate the settings. I don't know if I see posts or if others see my post... lol . I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually.
Hopefully we'll see more of each other indeed. 馃榿
@Idolovemostofyourthoughts I'm sure you will figure it out. They also have some pre-configured settings, I think.
you forgot why/why not馃樂
@Idolovemostofyourthoughts Theres an posts..put in a support ticket
@bookerdana that account was created around the same time someone was stealing my Ido name and pretending to be me. Its why I had reserved this name and kept an Id on permanent hiatus. I suspect that person might be the same as the one who was pretending to be me.
@Idolovemostofyourthoughts put all that in your support ticket..we need the membership
when are u going to make a comeback
@Idolovemostofyourthoughts damn i missed it
@Idolovemostofyourthoughts can u do it again lol
@btchstfu again...posts a little harder.馃槀
nevergiveup61-69, M
Hello fancy a coffee
nevergiveup61-69, M
@Idolovemostofyourthoughts yes i am UK. I am off to work now. PM me if you want to chat
@nevergiveup have a good day!
nevergiveup61-69, M
@Idolovemostofyourthoughts enjoy your tea x
anoderod5561-69, M
Yes you may 鉂わ笍 Thank you 馃尰 Hello , Hi and Howdy back to you 馃尮
@anoderod55 馃尮 Thank you!
anoderod5561-69, M
As long as it's accompanied by a smile and you're not trying to sell anything?馃槄

Hello right back at you. 鉂ゐ煓
@Mindfulness Let's do coffee... if you're having one too. *thinks to self, you're a smart cookie. 馃槀
@Idolovemostofyourthoughts How about a smooth Welsh roast?
Or shall we just have a coffee and see where that goes? 馃き馃き馃き
@Mindfulness Coffee on its own feels much safer. 馃槀
vetguy199151-55, M
@vetguy1991 馃枑锔
RupertCornelius36-40, M
@RupertCornelius That's a very friendly wave, lol.
@pentacorn Awww!馃
Yes you may and this is 'hello, enjoy your morning, day, evening, night wherever you are'
@thewindupbirdchronicles Aww, bless. You have a fantastic time too, whatever time of the day you have.
@Idolovemostofyourthoughts sustaining my ignoring reaction without [b][c=000000] blocking.[/c][/b]
@sspec 馃ゴ *Fine...I'll go. Sheesh.
@Idolovemostofyourthoughts [b][c=BF0080]Yayyy![/c][/b]
MarthaTheMaid51-55, F
Good DAY IN 8HOURS hopeful sun shinning -- I will say goodnight. now.
@MarthaTheMaid thank you. A good morning or whatever time of the day it is for you. 馃檹
MarthaTheMaid51-55, F
@Idolovemostofyourthoughts it was a beautiful day...sun shinning clouds floating across bright blue sky.
Hey, hello, how's it going? (think that covers) 馃槀
@Reaverwolf It's going great, lol. How's it going for you?
@Idolovemostofyourthoughts oh it is all good, here
I鈥檝e missed you, my friend. 馃枻馃
@DarkHeaven You're not easily forgotten either. 鉂わ笍 Hugs!
JohnOlinger36-40, M
Welcome back my SW Groupie
@JohnOlinger Haha, the legend. Thank you.
JohnOlinger36-40, M
ravenhillofKrull41-45, MVIP
you sound like a simple brained sheep or snowflake.
@ravenhillofKrull Aww. Your opinion has been noted.馃檹
You may馃槉 and hello to you too
@Stevve Thank you for stopping. :)
My pleasure 馃槉
bigworldtinyguy41-45, M
Certainly, you may; it's good to see you.
@bigworldtinyguy :) Thank you.
馃グ Hello, smart one.
@Magenta hello good to see you. 鉂わ笍
Lol @smart though.. *whispers I am here arent I? 馃槀
@Idolovemostofyourthoughts Lol, I hear you on that loud and clear.馃槃 Me too, but barely.
Missed you!!!
@SW-User 鉂わ笍 how are you dear friend?
@Idolovemostofyourthoughts Filmwise i'm in heaven, on an Asian kick for awhile. Enjoy your time here 馃
@SW-User I'm happy to hear that you're in heaven wise.
Thank you. I hope to enjoy and hope to see more of you around.
Hello are past paths meet again...
@masterofyou They do indeed. Hello!
@userfawkes1105 Hey there.
@Idolovemostofyourthoughts wasn't invited but wanted to be part of the thread
@userfawkes1105 Oh now. SW qns are open invitation. Always feel welcome.
LetsGoBrandon31-35, M
Mary Christmas
@LetsGoBrandon Is that the one in the future or the one that passed?
LetsGoBrandon31-35, M
@mysteryespresso Because I have assumed you might be in the middle of other things. It's just a manner of speaking - nothing to be taken to heart.
DragonFruit61-69, M
Hello,good to see you!
@DragonFruit Hey! So good to see you!馃
Whatever you desire
@Palewriter thank you
bigworldtinyguy41-45, M
Why, certainly.
@ExperienceDLT Thank you for stopping. :)
Hello, is it a comeback?
@EarthlingWise It is, for now. :) Hello!
funfan46-50, M
Bonjour 6 weeks later! 馃槅
@funfan Bonjour .... hellos are timeless things so it is always welcome.
Welcome back 馃槉馃槉馃槉馃槉
@Gaiia 馃榿馃 Thank you! Good to see you.
@summersong Heyy! 鉂わ笍
keeper41-45, M
Hello again 馃榿
@keeper I told you...we will meet again. Lol. Or did I ?馃槀
496sbc36-40, M
@496sbc 馃檭 Thank you!
Lugubri056-60, M
@Lugubri0 馃枑锔忦煒
@MsAnnThropy thank you for stopping by.
@Teggy 馃憤
@Degbeme *waves hello back
@Lilnonames 馃枑锔

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