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I feel this. 馃樁

The hard-cold truth is that you may not receive the closure you鈥檙e looking for when a friendship falls apart. You may not get the explanation, or the apology, or the right words to help you make sense of it all.

You may not get to have a good, honest, open conversation that helps you understand what went wrong, or where things fell apart.

It may just鈥nd. 馃ズ

Sometimes, I think maybe it鈥檚 easier to simply move onto the next friend than it is to try and fix things, and I think maybe people are so insecure that they don鈥檛 want to hear where they went wrong too, so they choose avoidance.

Just sweep, sweep, sweep it all under the rug and unfortunately, you become part of the dust that gets left behind. 馃様

Sometimes things just happen and there truly is no real explanation. Sometimes they may have given us an answer, but it still didn鈥檛 help us heal. Sometimes, even the best things fall apart, because time and life and circumstances change and so do we. Sometimes, their decision has absolutely nothing to do with us at all and we have to let them go with love. 馃槩

Sadly, I think most of us have been there before, and sadly, I think most of us will be there again.

But, and here鈥檚 the good news, you can learn from this. You can move forward on your own. You can use all of this to become better friend鈥攐ne who knows exactly who she is, and one who has confidence in all that she brings to the table. One who knows how to communicate and communicate well, which is maybe the greatest tool of all when it comes to building strong relationships.

But you can鈥檛 give up on people.

You can鈥檛 stop trusting. You can鈥檛 stop showing up, and you can鈥檛 stop connecting and inviting and initiating and putting yourself out there.

You can鈥檛 assume that because one person hurt you, the next one will too, and you can鈥檛 start looking for the bad in everyone you meet. You can鈥檛 blame them. (It never does any good.) And you can鈥檛 let bitterness rule your heart.

You can carry the lessons with you, but you can鈥檛 carry the heartache forever.

You can鈥檛 give up on people.

And you can鈥檛 give up on friendship.

It may not make sense now. It may never make sense. . I hope you can accept things and I hope you can accept and welcome the next time friendship comes knocking on your door.

I think we sometimes outgrow people. Not to say that they aren't amazing and the hest person in our lives at the time, but often people simply outgrow one another.

As painful as it is, I think it's very important to sit with this and surrender to it and let them go.

For them and ourselves, even though it's extremely painful.

I recently lost my best friend
She's the best person I know.

But we are no longer compatible in the sense of genuinely being there for one another.

I will leave it at that. I will always love and admire her.
Gangstress36-40, F
I didn't say goodbye to a friend and felt bad, I just needed my own head space. she didn't understand, I miss her.
I figured shes one of those that is seasoned. she wasn't interested in true friendship - she wanted her ego stroked.
I'll never be anything other than myself, I am a good friend, and those I have known for years will tell me that.
Those I have kept under my wing, know the real me, they know I need time for me. and if it takes me one month or a year, they never leave!
Nothing you can do. As much as you might try to communicate, people just won鈥檛 admit they鈥檙e playing with you. All you want is a genuine friendship. You have things in common but they need a punching bag in their life. Their list of friendships is full and you don鈥檛 measure up. Yet you do have a use.
True, yet sometimes people deserve to be left behind, because they can鈥檛 recognize their own shittiness and unwillingness to change. I鈥檒l never apologize for walking away from those people.
Keepitsimple51-55, F
This is a beautiful thought but I鈥檓 done. I can鈥檛 get back the time I wasted or the sincere investment I had in people. People are selfish and ruthless. I quit.
Stereoguy56-60, M
I understand. Sometimes people are just here for a season and then they are gone. Sometimes without even a goodbye.
Iamonfire66631-35, F
I am kinda tired of people just leaving my life without a word. So F them.
Kumbayakid61-69, M
Hurts losing them because they鈥檙e so hard to find
Truth in this

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