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Would you forgive me if....?

So , recently I messaged my best friends fiancé ..
Because I seen something his niece posted online that was concerning. This was the only reason I messaged him .. but he kept changing the subject .. and we chatted for about an hour .. one topic after another (nothing out of the ordinary)...

but before the conversation was done .. he asked me what I was doing. At that exact moment.
I just said I was in bed .. watching Netflix..
then he asked if I was naked ..
which I really thought it was ODD..
I just No I had a tank top and undies on.
Then he proceeded to ask what kind of undies.
I said the kind with 3 holes them (obviously all undies got 3 holes) I didn't say what colour. Style.

Or said anything that would give him the hint I want him to picture me in my undies 😣..

then he goes. Oh. Insertation holes 🤨 I ended the conversation there. Never replied back. It felt so awkward. Not thinking where he wanted to go with this conversation now ..

anyways the thing is. I had planned on telling my best friend the next day about it .. I wasn't even sure if it was her fiancé using his Facebook or he was hacked ..

before I had the chance. My bestie texted me. And showed me what she seen on the texts about him asking me what I was wearing .. (I know I shouldn't of even told him what I was wearing before you bash me ) But I innocently replied to him.

I would never talk inappropriately to my friends spouses. She was upset with me , for telling her fiancé what I was wearing. How disappointed she was in me. And didn't know when and if she can forgive me - I apologized over and over. And my heart hurts so bad -

Things aren't good for she and her fiancé now - and I am just here feeling like the worse friend ever . Any advice ?
butterfly1013 · 26-30, F
I wouldn't have ever answered the question I mean who just asks someone that. Unless you were oblivious or something I am not sure why would you answer those personal questions. Especially being that they're supposed to be getting married. It should have gotten ignored the second he asked you if you were naked...likely it was him using the account for sure. This is what she's mad about.. I do believe in forgiveness, but she's probably wondering why were you so comfortable answering his questions. It should have been a red flag to you.

It's not necessarily your fault, he started it, but... I get where your friend is coming from because why answer him when his questions were clearly inappropriate regardless of how you responded you should have ended it there. He didn't ask you what your favorite color was or what your favorite food was and you said Pizza...

Should she forgive you, yes,but you gotta understand where she's coming from and know that it's going to take time. It's an awkward situation and even though I'm not even involved... I understand why she would be mad at you as well as him. It's not a situation where you can say it was a misunderstanding. It doesn't look that way no matter how you flip it because you responded to him. It was fine him asking you what you were doing.. but proceeding to ask if you were naked... think for a moment... what made you think to answer that regardless of the answer... it should have been a message left on read. Not bashing you, just trying to get you to see what the issue is here. She is going to need space, but if they break up... it's not because of you I do want you to know that. It's his actions that got them there.

Be good to yourself is what I want to say. I am not trying to be hard on you.. just want to make sure you understand how this looks. Just be more careful in the future. Don't apologize anymore. What's done is done. You just have to give her time and see if she comes around.
Dolimyte · 36-40, M
Was she mad at him for asking? That is a much bigger issue.
Ifollowmyownstar · 41-45, F
Oh yes [@1999,Dolimyte]
Poppies · 61-69, F
First of all, take some time, let her have her space to breathe and reflect. This is much more about her fiance than it is about you, and given enough time (especially if the fiance becomes history), she may decide that she was a little hasty and needs her bestie back. You weren't terrible, you did apologize. I think you've done all you can do to make things better.
IsabelBradford · 41-45, M
Personally, I would forgive you. As for advice, there isn’t much else you can do besides apologize and take baby steps and talking to them. I wouldn’t try to push anything, just take it slow.
NaughtyAndNice · 31-35, M
May be you were in a mood and it just slipped out in texts

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