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Why do I keep living in a fantasy that I think everyone is nice and thoughtful?

My dad has been trying to snap me into reality duringm y life. When I was a teen, he would say, "You should have done that a long time ago! Kids younger than you take the bus and you're 16! Get out of the house. What? Did you expect me to be proud of you?" I complained about the world on the bus and my dad said, "Look people are going to be like that. GET USED TO IT! Stop living in a fantasy!" I wants him to say poor thing. My mom said, "I know your dad may seem harsh but he is right. You gotta stay seeing reality and you're too old to live in a fantasy." I've always though my dad was an asshole as a teen. He was always hard on me and scold at me. When I tolld him I'm not a little girl anymore and I'm almost 18, he got upset and wouldn't talk to me. Anyways I was always a complainer as a teen and cried and got emotional over everything like a break up and friendships fading ways was the end of my life. My dad was blunt and gave me tough love and said, "You know what? Shit happens okay? Get over it and pull yourself together. I don't wanna hear your self pity! Move I'm from the hurtful past! You better buck up and be a woman! Back off of me of your self pity!" I cried so much he ignored me. I've always though the would be a better place and everyone would be kind and loving and no more jerks. I feel stronger now but still in a little fantasy.
OMG really?! Are you THIS clueless! You are being VERY WEAK!!!!! Your dad is right. Buck up and be a woman. You need to accept reality and stop living with unrealistic expectations. No person would be this whiny about reality. Grow the fuck up! Pathetic!
Sicarium · 41-45, M
You have to be a troll. Nobody can genuinely be that whiny, entitled, and disconnected from reality.
@Sicarium I am not. My dad is too blunt and always on me when I'm acting weak and let people walk over me.
Sicarium · 41-45, M
@BeautiyRose96 Nah, you're either a troll or the most mentally weak person on the planet.
My dad is an introvert nerd so I got all of the above from mom.
@BeautiyRose96 nearly the same things your dad told you. I cried very easily in my teens too😔
@SW-User @BeautiyRose96 well that means you both need to buck up and stop crying over everything! You're both being weak!
@SW-User Wow your mom must be TOUGH

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