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The world when it abolishes all forms of advertising, and forgets what it was will have a chance to enter a utopia

Mom and dad would and the latter still saw commercials as the bane of their existence, but as i day dream this evening i think about how it must have been for them in the 60's and 70's, they were probably not riled up at all over commercials then, it would be nice to zoom back in time to see them during those times, when life for them was alive with purpose and determination.

I have some memories where the exhilarating life experiences were upon them and me, but too few, too many where we were just watching the boob tube, mom had a system whenever there was a commercial break she had another program to switch over to, dad doesn't do that, i think he is addicted to complaining about things.

Oh SW i feel bad for talking ill about him, i do feel for him, and it's just too sad and that's why i try to add a humorous spin on it all, with some cynicism, but i feel i have to be less cynical, a part of growing up, and preparing to keep afloat for those days when i have to keep on keeping on alone, using the Taxi and being able to call plumber and whatnot when needed, trying not to lean on my brother too much. All my life i've depended on my folks.
bookerdana · M
*Southern voice* Ats just da price of doin' bizness in this town,son..goes back to sleep in rocker
bookerdana · M
@Jarffff Just superannuated,man
Jarffff · 46-50
@bookerdana There you go using those college words again!!
bookerdana · M
@Jarffff just really ,really old😰

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