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i try to watch tv but i can't now, i am bombarded by regular ad breaks all the time

[c=003BB2][i]does anyone else find this when you watch tv now, you can't watch a tv program that's interesting because there are regular ad breaks which are long, spoiling any entertainment they put on...i swear the people who design these ads are so annoying, when i see the ads now i feel like breaking my tv with a hammer, but that would only hurt me not the ad creators...the bastard ad creators grrarrgh![/i][/c]
Gorps46-50, M Best Comment
In Britain 'WAY back when', the public BBC-TV was financed by annual TV licence fees. That was OK by me - user pay, right? The funny part was they had to use roaming electronic snooper vans to find out who was viewing without a license. I don't know how it works nowadays.

At my house now (Canada) we watch Knowledge and PBS almost exclusively. Sadly our own publicly owned TV (CBC) is flooded with ads but it's just about the only way we can get the news '[i]with pictures[/i]' 馃槃. CBC [i]radio[/i] is still ad-free (apart from all its self-advertising) but increasingly it's just made of sound tracks from the TV news 馃槙.
knightTemplar46-50, M
@Gorps thanks, there's just too many ads now, it's unbelievable really.

Gorps46-50, M
I thought about asking the forum "What's the silliest or most annoying TV ad you've seen" but that would create an endless topic.
Dont bother me see. Chance to go to.loo, make a coffee etc.

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