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I think my freezer might not be working properly

Yesterday and early today, all was fine. Yet then I noticed funny things this evening.

A lot of the ice in my ice cube tray under the ice cube maker are semi-clear. I have never seen such a thing before. Usually they are frosty and white. My ice cream bars also felt a little soft. But all my meat is still frozen.

Maybe I had lost power while I was out for lunch? But usually when that happens all my clocks are flashing. Maybe I had not closed the freezer door tight? Sometimes it does not close tight on its own.

Also, this evening my apartment landlord put notices on our doors saying they suddenly have to do some electrical work on our buildings tomorrow and we will lose power for 30 minutes tomorrow (sometime between 10 and 4). I wonder if that is related to my strange events? About a month ago I had a rare event where I did not lose all power but seemed to lose some, since some rooms had none, and some lights dimmed. Very strange. Usually it is all or nothing.

Also, my fridge had been making some odd squeaks for the past few months. Maybe it finally died. The fan is still blowing strong, the light is on. So it seems to have power. But maybe the compressor died. I also notice when I flick down the ice cube maker lever, nothing happens. Often it starts to buzz and the lever actually starts to rise a little right away.

I pulled the fridge out and made sure all lines looked plugged in. But I have no clue.

I put a cup of tap water in the freezer and it is getting colder. But I have a bag of ice permanently in my freezer (I lose power every few months due to storms) so it is hard to tell what is happening. I also just filled an ice cube tray with water and will see if it freezes. I set all the temperature settings to maximum, too.

If the tray does not freeze in a few hours and the cup of water is not solid ice, I will contact apartment maintenance.

It’s probably due to a short power outage caused by someone(or your landlord shutting it down temporarily for some kind of emergency) in your complex.
JoyfulSilence · 46-50, M

They are cheap. I will get more. I just hate to waste food.
Gangstress · 36-40, F
I hope the maintenance guys manage to sort it out - its odd though
JoyfulSilence · 46-50, M

I sent a request at 6 am and a guy came at 9 am with a big "hair dryer." They said the machine inside is probably covered in ice.

He took off the back panel and sure enough everything was covered in ice. He warmed it up while I was in the other room in a video meeting. Then he left.

When my meeting ended things seemed to be working fine.

My meat stayed frozen throughout this time, but all my ice cream bars are now bags of milkshake and chocolate coating. I am going to let them all refreeze and see what I get!

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