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I feel like buying something small to eat, every day on my way home from work, even when I am not hungry.

Most of the days, I don't purchase anything but today I procured a pair of piripiri chicken sandwiches, which were on sale.
I know I actually need more food so the demand for the food supply is vital for my sustenance.
Busybee333 · 31-35, F
Perhaps, if not hungry, you might be just tired and your body is compensating with food.
Similarly, you could be feeling like eating that snack for social interaction and emotional comfort.

*A little self-care can go a long way - how about treating yourself right with a clean, delicious home-cooked meal (or order something tasty and maybe invite a friend over for a snacks and video/social games night?
Riemann · 31-35, M
@Busybee333 I don't get much time to cook so I usually only cook on off days.
exchrist · 31-35
Word i eat smallly all the time a few crackers here a sandwich there 3 pesnuts alongbthe way. A chicken ssndwich ifbim hungry
MURD3RM0NK3Y · 26-30, M
mhm yeah I buy food too after work usually. And in the mornings too before work.
okay, but why do you look like @deadgerbil
Riemann · 31-35, M
@deathfairy Really? I have never seen his face.

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