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Is that okay if i eat spaghetti with chopstick

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No and i'll stop you if you do that
No but it's up to you if you want to do that
Yes it's okay
Um.. i'm not sure about this
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Prometheus · 22-25, M
It depends on if you are in a restaurant and that was what was provided. At home it doesn't matter.
i'm not a snob, there's no proper or inproper way to eat food. just chew with mouth closed or away from other people. that's like the only thing. you do you. and that's despite being classy enough to know about a lot of classical music enjoy it occasionally and aware that I used to think opera people were snobs but Then Final fantasy 6 found me. I used to think Opera was for other people, now I see includes me.

FF6 Best Final fantasy.
Yes its ok.. You seem classy to me that youre still used to using chopsticks. ! You can teach me how to use?? I only usually use fork and spoon
Rainandforest · 22-25, F
@Solidstate i use chopsticks to eat noodles
@Rainandforest wait... How?! Thats cool actually. Sounds difficult.😄 doesmt the noodles slip off the chopstick?.. How do you do it? I must learn from you.!
MrGoodbar · 46-50, M
you'd eat Asian Noodles with Chop Sticks so sure why not eat Italian noodles with them too
Richardl1986 · 36-40, M
Fork is the easiest way

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