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Biggest non veg thali (plate) in Mumbai

If you finish this in 20 mins the restaurant gives it for free. Basically it's impossible for even 4 people to finish this. Wanna join me?

Hell yes! Let's get started! Yummy! 馃檪馃尫
@Lushi I too, assure you, we will never, ever, forget our experience. It's was so unforgettable! Yes, people will talk, but that will excite us even more!

Who could ever blame us? We simply, found our unique kindred spirits.

Our shared mentality, comforts our souls! So What?

We connected in ways, most will never understand. 馃馃グ馃槝
Lushi36-40, F
@Oster1 because we are two crazy people 馃ぃ Let's accept it. 馃ぃ
@Lushi Yes, and it feels so good, too! 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃槝
KyleRenn31-35, M
That looks so delicious. I'll cheerfully join
Lushi36-40, F
@KyleRenn but we can't finish it. We will need more people
Sequoia5170-79, M
That's delicious. I won't be able to finish it in 20 mins. Practically not good for body to eat so much in less time. But would love to join. 馃槄
Applepiedom56-60, M
You need American to eat it. We over eat frequently. Thing that might ruin that is it's vegtables
Lushi36-40, F
@Applepiedom lol it's not vegetarian
It's all meat hahaha nom veg means meat and fish. No no you should watch what this American said when he tried to eat it in Mumbai. Watch the video from 5 mins 50 seconds and see what he says. He warns not to eat by urself because Indian food heavy

Whodunnit41-45, M
I could do that solo 鈽
Lushi36-40, F
@Whodunnit If i watch it on video you will see the actual size. Lol
In the photo it looks small relatively
Whodunnit41-45, M
@Lushi Yeah, I saw. It's massive, lol.

I still think I could hammer half of it though 馃槉

There a good reason I am obese you know, lol
Lushi36-40, F
@Whodunnit i can have a quarter of it 馃ぃ but i would like to have those kebabs first
I can have the Gulab jamun.. can I join 馃ぃ
Whattt 馃槺馃槺who doesn鈥檛 like a good dessert @Lushi
Lushi36-40, F
@Hummingbird26 occasionally i have motichoor ladoo and donuts from MOD
I like Indian sweets more..but I do like ice cream @Lushi
馃い looks amazing!!
Lushi36-40, F
@lovelywarpedlemon i wish i had company.
@Lushi i would love to join you! 馃枻
Lushi36-40, F
@lovelywarpedlemon Catch the next flight to Mumbai and rest of the expenses will be taken care of 馃槝
Barefooter2546-50, M
I expect you to share that with the rest of us.
Lushi36-40, F
@Barefooter25 i cany even finish thay least 10 people can finish it
wintersecret41-45, M
I m veg yaar

U can enjoy with some other frnd
Lushi36-40, F
@wintersecret there is veg thali too
Spumoni46-50, M
Looks really satisfying
Lushi36-40, F
@Spumoni usually thalis kill my appetite but some of the best food is served in thalis (plate) .
ShenaniganFoodie36-40, M
[image deleted]
ShenaniganFoodie36-40, M
@Lushi Where are you from :-
[image deleted]
[image deleted]
Lushi36-40, F
@ShenaniganFoodie you didn't tell me where u r from. I am from Mumbai.

Nice kitchen
ShenaniganFoodie36-40, M
@Lushi [image deleted]

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