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The only reason I don鈥檛 eat popcorn is because of the popcorn kernels 馃槨

No matter how careful I am they constantly cause damage. Popcorn isn鈥檛 worth the pain unless it the...white cheddar kind. 馃樁 although I still don鈥檛 know if I want to deal with the kernels, even though I brought a huge bag of the white cheddar popcorn. 馃様 idk if I鈥檓 making much sense since it鈥檚 3:32am
Lol there is a certain type of popcorn that leaves almost no kernal when it pops. It just evaporates.
@Stark yes. I buy them for the kids i work with lol let me find the link
@DarlingSelah omggg that鈥檚 so cool
CountScrofula41-45, M
I'm trying to eat healthy so I fi want a snack it's popcorn with olive oil. I don't really love it but can make do. But since I make it I can get rid of unoppoped kernels.
@CountScrofula the unpopped one鈥檚 don鈥檛 bother me it鈥檚 the ones on the inside that are popped. They come off the popcorn while I eat them and parts of them will get stuck in my gums or teeth 馃樁馃槪 and it鈥檚 usually hard to get out, to where I鈥檒l bleed sometimes.
CountScrofula41-45, M
@Stark I hear ya. :( The struggle is real.
I hate the kernels! That and all the little bits end up getting stuck in my teeth which i also hate. 馃槱
@SW-User I know and I can never get the kernels out either ! 馃槪 it鈥檚 terrible I wish popcorn didn鈥檛 have them 馃槀
@Stark Same! 馃槀 it'd be so much better.
In my professional opinion, Skinny Pop has a lower kernel count that other brands...
@fun4us2b really ? I鈥檝e never tried skinny pop, but I鈥檝e heard of it. I always picture it tasting bland though.
@Stark I thought so too, but it's actually pretty good. It is a bit pricey though...
I agree. Hate it when those damn kernels get stuck in my teeth 馃槖馃槖馃槖.
@SW-User it鈥檚 the worst !
@SW-User [image deleted]
@Stark [image deleted]
@SW-User 馃ぃ
I'll eat it for you lol
@SW-User 馃槪 even with all the painful kernels?!
@Stark nah i won't eat those 馃槚
Haven't had popcorn in awhile, but popcorn kernels are a valid reason not to eat popcorn.
@SW-User omgg ew that uncomfortable 馃槀 but still nice you could have wised a lot worse
@Stark Yeah, there's worse things, like studdering whenever they talk, going into a room and forgetting why they went in there, their t.v. remote not working so they have to get up and push the buttons on the t.v., unskippable ads on the youtube videos they watch, etc.
@SW-User 馃槀
UndeadPrivateer31-35, M
@UndeadPrivateer that鈥檚 cheddar it white cheddar
UndeadPrivateer31-35, M
@Stark 馃巺馃
When those kernels get stuck between your teeth it's torture
Time to switch to a new snack. Maybe marshmallows?

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