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What's your favorite cereal?

I probably shouldn't admit this, but Captain Crunch. 馃槉
And I don't care what you say; I know it's not healthy. But it's like having candy for breakfast! 馃榿
@IAmJessthat's cool though 馃槄 I always thought Cinnamon Toast Crunch was more of a sugar high
@squirtle Lol, they both are but I'm not so big on cinnamon
Corn Pops or Cheerios
@squirtle they were so good too馃槥
@Mondayschild What if you tried making them in a different way? like this
maybe that could get you to find a new flavor to enjoy in the rice crispy world

here is a link to a bunch of different kinds that you might like to try and see
@squirtle thank you. It's the marshmallow part that makes me queasy
Honey star or koko krunch
@Dewms never heard of either but they sound great
@squirtle 馃槬 we don't have those lucky charms and captain thing here
@Dewms but you do have honey star and koko krunch
to me that is cool in itself 鈽 diversity is special
gives you something to look forward to discovering
Giana70-79, F
Rice Chex...or Cheerios
@Giana how do you feel about chex mix?
Giana70-79, F
@squirtle Not my thing. Oh, and that's gotta be whole milk on the cereal. That skimmed milk is crap
Sagiri26-30, F
Koko krunch and corn flakes
butterfly101326-30, F
Lucky charms hands down
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Fruit Loops. :-)
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Life (the original).

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