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The last of us

This relationship is on the edge of ending. Both of us can see it, but we're hesitating to acknowledge that it's truly over. We have a lot of good memories, but unfortunately, they're overshadowed by painful experiences. We're both responsible for how things have played out. There are aspects of our relationship that I find difficult to handle, and I'm sure she feels the same way about certain aspects. She can probably list more things she dislikes about me than things she likes. This is the reality we're facing, and despite our efforts to make it work, it's becoming clear that it's beyond our capabilities. As the challenges pile up, the love and affection we once had are fading. Do I still care about her? Yes sure, but not with the intense passion that's supposed to come with romantic love. Our personalities and cultural differences just don't align. She's quite strong-willed, while I'm more sensitive. Dealing with her strong personality is too much for my delicate heart
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PinkMoon · 26-30, F

I hope this helps.

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