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Christianity : When I was scared to kiss my girlfriend .

My girlfriend once was eating some sea food .

Then I imagined , that she had eaten lamb , chicken , cow , fish , pig , crab , lobsters , oyesters , etc .

Then I felt disgusted to even kiss her , for she had eaten what all living beings . Maybe they are all smelling inside her body .

I was considerably better as I had only eaten chicken , goat and fish .

But I can't bear it anymore , to devour such living beings .

I couldn't kiss her imagining the pig , lobsters , animals , etc .

From the same lips she gulped them all .

Maybe she is a beast or a human ?

She used to pray 14 times in a week , and went to church 5 times a month , she prayed to god always , and was hard christian .

I only go to church when I had to go to see things .
Not really prayed much , go once in 6 months usually .
She was always agitated at me that I not go every sunday .

But today , I not even like jesus , he also devoured fishes , and other animals .

So whom was he teaching non violence really ? when he couldn't stop satisfying his taste buds ?

I don't consider jesus any better person , today .
Earlier I liked him .

But my girlfriend is a hard christian , and it is fine .

But I would also tell her , that non violence means saving even the ants that walk on ground .

Chicken gets energy by eating seeds .
So why don't you eat seeds directly ?
Cow gets energy by eating grass .
Why you not eat grass ? Even Corn and Sugarcane are grasses .
Goat get energy by eating leaves .
Even doctors reccommend to eat spinach and celery .

Why do you have to mince an animal with your teeth ?

It is also said , one who saves another , is more greater than one who kills another .

If humans are monkeys , then even monkeys eat leaves , shrubs fruits , bark , stem and others .

I couldn't kiss her feeling disgusted by pig in her stomach , lobster in her cheek , cow in her arms , and crabs , oyesters , etc .

And chinese are even worse , bats , lizards , cockroaches etc .

i would not even let them kiss my shoe , or I may have to wash my shoe with detergent .
They've never found a painting of salad on the walls of caves. Humans are omnivorous by nature.

Follow your own beliefs but don't condemn others for following nature!
Max41 · 26-30, M
@notyouraveragedummy No but I hope you enjoyed it .
@Max41 Look it up. Ignorance is not bliss!
Max41 · 26-30, M
@notyouraveragedummy Eat your own son as salad , then come here to tell about your peaceful religion .
Well, I can see that you have no intention of learning anything new. I'll bet that you didn't even look up the Donner Party (it was not a festive occasion), it was a historical event! I don't know why you're so bitter.
Max41 · 26-30, M
@notyouraveragedummy You devour animals ,
and call yourself non violent ,
just like hitler wished to be loved ,
good people appear bitter to killers .

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