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would this bother you

[c=005E2F][i]i bought a new cooker/stove not too long ago, i got insurance on it too with domestic and general, but a month or so later after buying the cooker, i notice a little spot on the corner of the stove where the black paint is chipped/scratched away? - other wise the cooker is in good working order....i phoned the insurance company and i was abruptly told by the woman that my insurance doesn't cover cosmetic damage.

what would YOU do? not me but YOU? would a little spot of paint chipped away bother you or not, i have ocd, so little things like this bother me.[/i][/c]
MsSwan Best Comment
It's kind of like a new car. You have to realize that it's a functioning mechanism that is going to get dings and dents over time.

It's not a piece of art that you can safely put high on a shelf out of harm's way.
knightTemplar · 46-50, M
@MsSwan thanks darlin.

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