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I Am Not a Fan of Insurance Companies

I've been looking for an ophthalmologist. I've looked online and have went down the list . Everyone I call are glaucoma specialists. I'm looking to see a general ophthalmologist as I have problems, despite 2 [b]optometrists[/b] telling me I don't. So I decide to call the insurance company so that they can give me a good list of ophthalmologists in my area.
I click on the email link they provided with this information and it is the SAME list I've already went thru...馃槫
rckt14861-69, M
I asked my doctors to tell me which pharmacy they most use
And which insurance carrier worked the best with them ,,

They refused to even hint as to which one was the best for them

You might know I got hassles from both ,I picked ones they don't use
And my Debit Card was also not a carrier they use

They would only tell me which ones they would not accept when I went to use them

Now I have it all worked out ,but it was almost as bad as using my benefits to use the VA hospital
They no longer want to prescribe pain medication

After looking at my MRI's the pain management says "If anyone needs pain medication you do ,,we have a waiting room full of patients who think they do but they don't ,its clear you do
Its sad you have had such a tough time ,but we can justify your treatment and you problems are over now ,until I go to the pharmacy ,and I have to fight with them 3 days about filling the script ,and I had to pay cash until I was able to work out the insurance ,they left me to suffer all weekend .

So its the health care system as a whole thats a mess
and thanks to fraud and addicts who abuse the meds ,its going to get harder
I pray you finally get the proper care you need
I have been on this roller coaster for over 20 yrs
Just when I think I am finally going to be taken seriously and taken care of
Some law gets changed and I am back on the roller coaster again
So I sympathize with you ,this is why 22 Vets a month commit suicide
They are tired of playing the games ,,I have almost joined them a few times myself ,it does get old getting jerked around
iamnikki31-35, F
@rckt148 I finally got an appointment. I hope he finds out what my problem is
rckt14861-69, M
@iamnikki so do I ,have a good day dear
I know what its like to be told for 20 yrs your problem is all in your head
Not that I have more than enough proof its not ,and they have made me suffer needlessly ,but persistence is the key
If they can't find the problem ,have them to refer you to someone who can
iamnikki31-35, F
@rckt148 Right, it sucks.
lasergraph70-79, M
Hard to find a general practitioner of anything these days, eyes included. In my area everyone does cataract surgeries mostly. Retina specialist are the hardest to find. The cataract guys usually have a deal worked out with retina guys for referrals. Most of the cataract guys do other things too, like eyelid surgery and lasik. I doubt there are cataract issues at your age, but retinas or other things could be an issue.
iamnikki31-35, F
@lasergraph Exactly. I hope the retina isn't the issue. Mom had surgery on both of hers
lasergraph70-79, M
@iamnikki I had 2 retina surgeries on the same eye and cataract in both. Retina is complicated.
Flenflyys31-35, F
Might have to go out of your area if there鈥檚 no one with the specialization you need or ask for a referral from your physician. There is probably a governing body for ophthalmologists also where you can go through all registered ones in your country
iamnikki31-35, F
@Flenflyys Just made an appointment.
Flenflyys31-35, F
Congrats hope it gets you the answers you鈥檙e looking for
iamnikki31-35, F
@Flenflyys thanks. me too

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