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Governor Kristi Noem vetoes digital currency bill.

Gov. Kristi Noem: This is a threat to our freedom


Everything these demonic leftist technocrats do is done within the dark of the night through covert activity, if you are not using cash as much as possible right now, you are accelerating this police state and enabling everybody's freedom and privacy to become obsolete.

These diabolical leftist technocrats want to control you and all your finances. O'Biden's masters at the WEF won't stop until they totally control every person on this earth and their entire finances.

Technocracy is evil, not using cash puts us all in peril. People need to wake up on how these elite psychopaths intend to implement this cashless beast system. Wake up soon or lose your wealth, your freedom, your privacy and your free will.
She's absolutely right. If the gov't implements and has control over digital currency, freedom is gone.
TH3S10GUY1 · M
I try to keep all the cash at home, nothing is in my account except online purchases/ bills.
Without cash we will be under the evil corrupt governments full control.
Fuck Joe Biden
akindheart · 61-69, F
what a great governor. I was in South Dakota last May. Make no mistake where her loyalties lie. She is pure Republican and so is the state.
TH3S10GUY1 · M
Smart woman
Fuck this evil corruption
Fuck Joe Biden

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