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I Love Wwe Wrestling

It seems now days, a superstar's place on the WWE roster is really up for debate by the WWE universe. Superstars like AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan have worked hard to get to where they are now, and that's great. Then, there are wrestlers that are getting praise and credit where they do not deserve it, as they cannot and do not live up to the hype surrounding them, thus making them overrated. There are also talented superstars in the roster, and the WWE universe sees them as such, but their talents are underutilized, stifled of earned opportunities and has limits on what they can do, despite that, superstars of such continue to work for WWE, and are considered underrated. I am talking about...

[big]5 superstars that are overrated and 5 that are underrated.[/big]

[b]10. Overrated: Baron Corbin[/b]
Baron Corbin has been a heated figure in the main roster for quite a while now, when? I do not know personally, but I am guessing since his victory at the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal at Wrestlemania 32(The worst of this decade). Baron Corbin might have the odd great match, considering the talented roster he is placed in. There is probably going to be some mixed reactions towards what I am going to say, but Baron's move-set is sorely limited. Even though his [i]End of Days[/i], [i]Deep Six[/i] and his maneuver around the ring post after going under the bottom rope in a Royal Rumble match might be interesting, but other than those, we are not seeing any other impressive moves. Just when I thought WWE could not get any worse with Baron, they give the Constable Corbin gimmick and attire, and he still has the attire and acts like he owns the place even after he was stripped of authoritative power, which makes him even more grating.

[b]9. Underrated: Cesaro[/b]
Cesaro is one of the most talented wrestlers on the main roster right now. He has the strength and technicality to be a main event superstar quite easily. Unfortunately, Vince has severely limited the amount the moves and things that the Swiss Cyborg can do. It would of been an easier pill to swallow if we were goaded into believing he was going to make it after winning the inaugural Andre the Giant memorial battle royal at Wrestlemania 30, but the position he is in now is inexcusable. While his tag team matches have been great, especially with Sheamus as part of The Bar, but can definitely shine as a singles competitor, like his match with Aleister Black at Extreme Rules that has already been. However, do not be surprised if Vince drops the ball with Cesaro after that, as he has a completely different opinion of Cesaro to ours.

[b]8. Overrated: Alexa Bliss[/b]
Alexa Bliss might be considered hot by many, and never fails to get a reaction from the WWE Universe. She has even spent most of wrestling career with a title then she was without, however, just like Baron Corbin, Alexa's move-set is limited and we are not seeing her performing a large variety of moves. In fact, Alexa Bliss's performances appears to be formulaic, relying on outside interference to win her match removes credibility on Alexa's part. Although she is getting better and the fans are warming up to her, she still has some improvement.

[b]7. Underrated: Natalya[/b]
Natalya is a third generation wrestler who is part the legendary wrestling family, the Hart family, and is the daughter of the late Jimmy Neidhart and niece of Bret Hart. Natalya is quite a solid performer in the ring, but I feel WWE is not allowing her to live up to her family's legacy despite a couple of title reigns, possibly due to the strained relationship between the Hart family and WWE(considering the Montreal Screwjob and Owen Hart's death), though I hate to think. Although she has a title match against Becky Lynch at Summerslam this year, I think this is only happening to possibly provide a bridge for Ronda Rousey's return and possibly leading to a heel turn for Natalya. Speaking of Ronda Rousey...

[b]6. Overrated: Ronda Rousey[/b]
It was no surprise that Ronda Rousey sent shock waves across the WWE universe when her official debut was made at Royal Rumble 2018 after the the inaugural women's Royal Rumble(disappointed that it overshadowed Asuka's victory), after previous making an appearance at Wrestlemania 31 alongside The Rock. Her debut match at Wrestlemania 34 is applauded. Her title match against Nia Jax at Money in the Bank the same year also received high praise, although people worried that Ronda winning the Raw Women's Championship would expose how green she was, but it did in her third match ever with the company. Many hoped she would step up to the challenge that way we had a refreshing new champion, she did not. The fans hate her, but that hasn't put WWE off her at all. People should realize that MMA and WWE are two different things, and like Sasha Banks said, Ronda should've went to NXT first.

[b]5. Underrated: Sami Zayn[/b]
It will not be a surprise if Sami Zayn jumps ship anytime soon, because the way he has been used has been absolute criminal! Despite being lumped into many high profile feuds over the years, he does not have much to brag about. Ever since his short lived reign as NXT Champion, Sami Zayn has not touched a single championship. His move-set is incredible to a point that it is hard to recall a bad match he has had, that been said, most of them have been against Kevin Owens. When will Sami be portrayed as Kevin's equal? It is hard to portray them as best of friends or bitter rivals when their accolades are so lopsided. As for Sami Zayn's character work, Excellant! He can play an over face and a irritable heel faultlessly. With Vince not liking him due to his size, we will never know if he ever will get a main event push instead of weird ones and put into meaningless feuds. During his time undergoing surgery, he revealed he continued to wrestle for the company despite injured shoulders for over a decade. Underrated? Hell yeah!

[b]4. Overrated: Randy Orton[/b]
Randy Orton has been in WWE for a long time, and has wrestled every superstar that was put in front of him. Does he deserve respect? Yes, as he shows devotion to the company, but one thing has to be admitted, the Randy Orton now is not the Randy Orton of all. Ever since 2010, it appears Randy Orton stopped caring, and has delivered lackluster match after lackluster match. The vicious edge that made him The Viper is gone, and is now just any other wrestler. This makes him overrated as WWE continues to book him for major matches and angles that he should not be considered for.

[b]3. Underrated: Rusev[/b]
This one has been obvious for a while now. Ever since his debut on the main roster, Rusev made it clear he going to places. With a background in many things including Muay Thai, he has put on great matches. He had a winning streak, held the US title, and faced John Cena at Wrestlemania 31. After his announcement of his engagement to Lana, things pretty much went south for Rusev from there, and there really should not be a reason for things to. Not even the rise of Rusev Day was enough to give us what we want, and what he deserves.

[b]2. Overrated: Brock Lesnar[/b]
Are you a fan of suplexes? Are you a fan of multiple suplexes? Are you a fan of matches consisting of multiple suplexes? More importantly, are you a fan of those who have to rely on the same moves over and over again? Brock Lesnar may have brought many interesting moments since his return to WWE seven years ago, and is as ruthless in the ring as he is outside of it, but he has made it clear that he doesn't care how you react to him, WWE even made this fact as part of his gimmick. With Brock Lesnar's limited move-set and blatant apathy, it all lead to boring and repetitive matches. When you add all that to the fact he is a part-timer that held the WWE Universal Championship for the majority of the time it has been around, defending it half of the time it should've, makes all of his appearances annoying.

[b]1. Underrated: Roman Reigns[/b]
A lot of people will disagree with me with this one, but here it is. Roman Reigns may have been green for some time, but his performances have improved a lot. He put up terrible promos, but whose fault was it? Vince's! If you have seen Roman on that talk show(can't remember what it is called), he is quite charismatic. It has been obvious for a long time that Vince was in fact ruining Roman's career, especially for making him cut that "sufferin succotash" promo. Despite all that, Roman Reigns haters would just boo him anyway, which is sad. The bottom line with him is, at least by my standards, he is awesome!

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