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"A recent post of yours has been receiving reports. Please review your post and be sure that it falls within our Terms of Service.

Failure to do so can result in account penalties or suspension."



40% potential.

You couldn't handle 40% potential.

People here know how to dish it out.
But they can't take it back.


The last time I flagged someone's account was the c^tfish who created another profile to spread false information about me.
That was the last time.

It's a power move.
It really is.
And when you've got your gang here or clique or s!mp club, it's easy to take down anyone who dares speak out against you.

Abvse of power.

But I've got no gang.
I've got no clique.
No one's s!mping for me.

I walk alone.
I know a few people here who like me, but maybe one of them flagged my post too?
Who knows, right?

"That's it Roy! You crossed the line there! I'm flagging and reporting this post!"

Who was it?
Anybody gonna step up?
Go on! I won't hvrt you, I promise.
If you're a real man, a real woman, step up, and say it. "I reported your post Roy. I did it."
Go ahead.

I'm not going to do anything to you.
I'm not going to stalk you, or harass you.
I'm not going to show up on your front door with an axe.
Trust me. There's someone I really liked here, and I wouldn't even click on her profile or heart her posts or comment on them, lest she think I'm stalking her.
And that's someone I like.

You - I'm probably not going to like you very much.
I'm just going to avoid you.
If you flag my post, then I can be sure you probably flag anything that upsets you here.
Did my post violate the Terms of Service?
I named someone and that is a violation of ToS.
But she has it coming, didn't she?
If you'd been paying attention, you know she did.

But I also had a few unkind words for other people.
I didn't mention any names, but I suspect people who fell in that category took great offense at my flowery language.

Okay then.
Somebody steps up, otherwise everybody out.

I walked alone for quite some time before someone had my back here.
And I walked alone for a long time since then too.
I can walk alone again.


I'm sorry this happened to you.
This is a question of one (me) who doesn't really understand I guess. Why do you need someone to have your back here? Is that just a friend? What do they do? If you did, how would you ever know if you could depend on them?
Maybe I missed something.
Im a little clueless in some social ways maybe.

Also, because someone has it coming, does it mean you need to give it to them?

Crazies are usually seen for what they are, and if one is going to believe a crazy, is there any reasoning with those people if they are so easily swayed ? Im sure I just have no real idea of the situation. You seem angry and I don't understand why you are so angry.
@rrraksamam I have no idea what i'm right about.
Maybe it's the sleep deprivation. Things make more sense when I sleep.
rrraksamam · 31-35, M
@nonsensiclesnail Get some sleep
@rrraksamam I would love to.

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