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A Tingle in the wilderness

In the car going back home from a road trip into another city that was 4 hours or so away. My gf and I decided to leave early in hopes we would be back earlier due to the lack of traffic. Expecting to be home earlier, I decided to skip out on using the restroom at a gas stop since I didn't feel the need to use it during that time.

2hours or so in, I suddenly needed to go after waking up from my nap since we we're taking turns on driving. Waiting for sometime for the next rest or gas stop, It never came. It was tree's after tree's, I couldn't hold it any longer. We pulled off the high way and I walked towards a few tree's down.

Looking around for anyone or anything, I pulled my shorts down to my knee's and squatted behind a tree. Yawning while browsing around enjoying the very green scenery. As always it never wants to come out when you need it to. I pulled my phone out and told my gf that it will be a bit since all of a sudden I can't go.

My legs growing tired from being in the squatting position to long. I moved around bit by bit while having my hand against the tree trunk for support. So focused on keeping my balance, I didn't look down as to where I was stepping. Something brushed against my pussy ran shivers down my body.

Looking down between my legs as it was a piece of evergreen. Looking at it and thinking about it brushing against me like that gave me goosebumps. squatting down more as I let it brush against me again. The feeling felt like when one trails their fingers softly against one skin. It felt really good to the point that I started nibbling my lower lip.

I reached down to rub it a little as I started to feel like it is finally coming out. I let out a stream of pee against the tree so much that I can start to see the steam coming off where I peed on the tree. I quickly got up, pulled my shorts up and ran back to the car. Gf accused me of taken the biggest shit but of course that wasn't true.
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