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I'd like My Wife To Be A Hotwife [I Want My Wife To Be A Hotwife]

Poll - Total Votes: 31
Incredibly hot. I can't wait!
No baby, I can stand it. Let's go.
Let's do it, but you will stop if I ask you to.... right?
I didn't think you'd be this enthusiastic hun. Something you've been meaning to tell me?
Sweetie, maybe this isn't a good idea after all.
Oh no, what have I done?
My wife would never think or do this.
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You finally told her. How sweet of her to be concerned for your reaction. You wouldn't be jealous, or uncomfortable if she enjoyed the other men more than you - would you? Some men do not react well when their wives respond carnally to other men and do things with them that they've never done with hubby. Some lose it when she comes harder with another man than she ever has with hubs.

Look at her eyes. She wants to try this. She might just really like it and not want to stop. Are you sure?

JFinch · 41-45, F
JFinch · 41-45, F
@MrCDaigle I see it. I got it.
Do you like the idea, @JFinch? Or is there something @MrCDaigle doesn't know? My ex kept it a secret for years by waiting until I was out of town to see family or on business trips. 🙄
I like how you include a very good range of reactions in your polls; I think it reinforces your textual "things to consider".
Thank you @SomeMichGuy
Hmmmm well I don't know any men that would like to watch their wife being dicked by another man
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@Azool gross. Bet she is real popular at the family reunion every year.
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Highskirt · 56-60, M
Oh no jealous ness from me just my blessings
bgjb58 · M
What are we waiting for???

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