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Dare to drive topless.

When I was in my early forties I did some really daring things. I enjoyed being a tease and my husband approved with certain boundaries which I appreciated. One day in mid July my kids were away at summer camp and I decided to take my husband to work so I could have the car. He suggested I take him to work topless and leave my top at home.
I got up and put on my stw pantyhose and zipper front denim miniskirt and heels. Fixed our breakfast and his lunch. Time to leave and I walked out to the car. He didn't say anything as I had never left home without taking a top with me.
The 45 minute drive was uneventful but fun as we turned on the CB monitor. It scanned all the channels so we could hear anybody talking and any truckers comments. Sometimes I would pull my magnetic antenna off the roof and listen to them saying crazy things about me then roll down my window replace the antenna and turn on my own CB and reply to them.
We got to my husbands work and I got out walked around to the driver's side gave him a hug and kiss and said goodbye.
I decided to drive around for awhile and tease the truckers. I was having a lot of fun. About noon I stopped by Wendy's and bought a burger meal then went to a parking lot to eat lunch with 4 truckers I knew and trusted. We laughed and joked and the zipper on my skirt was three forths of the way open. My bush was showing through my pantyhose. I let them all have a feel and got my nipples squeezed before they had to leave.
Check my fuel gauge and went to a truck stop for diesel. Chatted with a couple of truckers as I fueled. Got felt up again and a free soda.
Drove around for a couple of hours and went to pickup my husband. Talked to a couple of guys he worked with while I waited about 45 minutes for him.
We stopped for supper at a drive in dinner. Got some looks and I shared my day with my husband.
Got home and had a wonderful evening loving my husband.
Anielka · F
I've driven topless and also completely nude before, well except for wearing heels.
braveheart21 · 61-69, M
I often drive nude... Even at work in my semi... @Anielka
what a lovely wife you are
ChipmunkErnie · 70-79, M
Only topless? MANY years ago when my first wife and I went on long drives at night we'd often end up both totally nude and playing with each other. Once, on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, we pulled into a picnic area and had sex on a picnic table while cars rushed by in the darkness only a dozen or so yards away.
breastmilkprof · 56-60, M
Wouldn't life be a blast if we were all a bit more adventuresome ?
Lonewolf511 · 56-60, M
How many years ago was this? Sounds like something someone would do in the 70's.
Baremine · 70-79, C
@Lonewolf511 that was my main area. Had been undressed on the highway with my husband in some other states. Rarely do anything now, why do you ask?
Lonewolf511 · 56-60, M
@Baremine where do I begin? The whole incident sounds like something that would have happened in the 70's when streaking was popular. I also figured this would have been something that would have happened out west (especially when you mentioned the truckers).
Baremine · 70-79, C
@Lonewolf511 88-92. Did it several times. Back went bad and surgeries put the brakes on. We figured 5000 others have seen me without my top, mostly in panties and/or pantyhose.
Been on I35 mo, ks, ok and tex. I70 I'll mo ks colo.
bgjb58 · M
A very lucky husband!!!!!
ShiftingGears · 46-50, M
A good day was had by all
daydeeo · 61-69, M
What a fun wife you were! And still are.

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