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Experience In Kent [I've Had My Shoes Taken Off Me]

When I was about 6, I was sent away to Kent to stay with a couple of friends of the family whose son had just left for university. I shall call them K and W, W is a woman, K is man. Still don't know why and it was for a week.

So I survive my first day there swiftly avoiding the Chinese takeaway... I love Chinese food properly done. Thankfully there was a chip shop next door.

But that evening, when I got ready for bed... I got all ready to be tucked in and W was adamant that I should take my socks off before I go to sleep and sleep barefoot. At the time I was kinda footshy after cutting my toe in France a year prior. I protested as much as I could but she said her son always went barefoot to bed; I told her I don't do it at home. She got angry and just quickly took my socks off my feet before storming out.

I never saw anyone so angry at that age.

So I get up in the morning, wash and get out my week staying bag to get dressed, I had about 8 pairs of socks in there; all gone, I still don't know where. I go down the stairs to see K and W having breakfast in the kitchen, I pass the front door area too see my trainers had gone replaced with a pair of velcro sandles.

I did inquiry and they told me they had no idea about what I was talking about. I was too young at the time to chat back but ever since that experience needless to say, I kept a close eye on adults actions.
Orgatsu18-21, M
Quite the imagination but very poor story writing. A poor attempt at writing a foot fetish story and an even worse attempt at hiding your sexual fantasies in the open. This clearly never happened. And why even mention the Chinese takeaway? I give this story a C- 馃ぃ
Quimliqer61-69, M
Did you get these items back at the end of your stay?
Mindful56-60, F
Wierd. Maybe they were being vindictive. (And maybe they felt socks were dirty..)Japanese don鈥檛 wear shoes in house. Maybe socks aren鈥檛 worn to bed in parts of China.
RavenclawGamer26-30, M
@Mindful I'm not in China. I'm in the UK

And I did find it quite weird to be honest.
Mindful56-60, F
馃ぃ@RavenclawGamer then crazy!
Very strange

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