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Meggings anybody?

We have a lot of tick born illnesses in central minnesota now. Some; like Powassan; are contracted immediately upon getting bitten but it takes up to five weeks to become apparent, and there are no known treatments for it. A neighbor lady got it some years back in Longville while on a picnic and was in an induced coma to reduce brain swelling for 3 months. Several people have died from it. Blue jeans are horrible for tick prevention as they hide in the seams.
Bug suits are kind of loose and tear easily.
I usually wear shorts now and use off or wear clothes soaked in permythrine but I'm kinda thinking that it might be worth trying leggings for men (meggings) under my shorts as ticks can be pretty small..
I just don't know how resistant to tearing they are or how hot they are.
I'd still douse them with permythrine and hang them up to dry before using them.
I'm usually out there cutting up fallen trees, clearing brush, mowing, picking berries, or hunting.
Hate to spend $25 on something that's only single use.
kutee · 56-60, T
best avoid walking in long grass, or cut all lawns short, then you can wlak aroun d naked and be ok
Tastyfrzz · 61-69, M
@kutee i basically do that now and take showers afterwards but stinging nettles and deer flys make that difficult to do.

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