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My commando experience with my short skirts

One fine sunny day,not long after I moved to Barcelona, I decided to go commando while wearing one of my high waist white pleated short skater-style dresses. It's made from a material which is rather light, (a kind of lightweight viscose I suppose) so when I walked, I felt that i wasn’t wearing anything below my waist. I knew that I needed to be extra careful so as not to flash unnecessarily, so as I walked along the road towards work I crossed a road, close to the small park at the edge of a small square that can be quite breezy. I think I forgot about the deceptive breeze and it whipped up my skirt away from my body, totally. It was too late to do anything about it, and there was a guy walking across the road towards me. My slow reaction, gave him a lovely view of my naked body.

As he went by me, he said 'Gracias!' and the only thing I could do was smile. I couldn't do anything about my skirt immediately because the lights had change and the traffic was moving towards me too. When I got to the other side of the road, with the breeze still lifting my skirt, I looked back, and the guy who I had surprised had stopped on the opposing curb, and he was looking back at me. He seemed to have enjoyed his view, and he was kind of loitering watching as I tried to get and keep my skirt under control. After a few moments, I turned to face the direction I was going, and I let my skirt swirl around my legs, and lift with the breeze. It took a few steps further to emerge from the square i was crossing, and I escaped the breeze.

It was at that moment, looking back again I saw the guy had recrossed the road, and he was following me. I was maybe two hundred metres from my destination when he caught up with me, and started speaking particularly fast, in the broadest Castellano, but I was still trying to improve my language, and could only respond in Catalan. He smiled, and began in the same language, saying that he had been pleasantly surprised at my upskirt and he wondered if I would like to get a coffee. I explained that I was almost at work, and he looked downtrodden, the wind sucked from his sails. Before he turned to start back in the direction he had been going, I suggested he come to the building, and I would give him my number. His smile was infectious

We did meet for lunch the following day, and a question he asked me was whether I was again commando that day. It was an icebreaker, I suppose, and we got on very cordially. The weekend after, he asked, he is going to the Camp Nou, and he asked if I have been to the football stadium to watch a match (I had at lunch spoken about my being new in town, and he asked me to go to see the football with him). We met up on the Saturday, he had a season ticket and a guest ticket too, I think he was quite keen. During lunch he was looking at my skirt., a good deal, and he was pleased at how much I smiled. He was very much a gentleman, walking with me back to my building. He was intrigued by the kind of work I did. I could feel his eyes on me as I went through security, and I turned to give him a little wave afterwards.

I did enjoy the football match, and I have been to several matches since, with him, we have become good friends, and he often joins the gang at the tapas bar. He has a girlfriend now, who I think I am quite close to. He often tells the story to new audiences, like at the stadium when we go together, about how we met, and there are always those kinds of looks that men give a girl in their way. I have always felt perfectly safe with Xevi, even though when I told Dora about the first meeting she screwed her nose up and said I should be more careful!

A number of times Xevi has taken quick snaps of me using his phone, and I must admit I have wondered if I have been a little revealing again. He has often asked me when I will wear that dress again, with a smile, a mischievous smile, and he has told me what he had thought when he saw my skirt lift at the front on that day, and then at the back when I had crossed the road. He was at the bar on Saturday when Aleix had arranged what he wanted me to wear, and I was standing in front of Xevi's table a number of times, and felt his breath on my legs, probably him having fun blowing me like the breeze. It is always a point of fun between us. He did tell me that he couldn't resist videoing me on Saturday!
HumanEarth · 56-60, F
What a great story and a great read. I really enjoyed reading it.

You have some writing talent
LookingIn · M
Love when a partner goes commando; always adds to the occasion.
Patriot96 · 56-60, C
Great story, thanks for sharin

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