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Dress Etiquette

I'm just reading how socks aren't allowed to be tucked into trousers at a local golf course. ⛳
Surely this is unacceptable anywhere in life? 🤣
(If we can keep it a secret I will admit it's only mildly acceptable on a bike and I [i]may[/i] have done it in that circumstance to avoid getting my cuffs chewed. 🤫)
ninalanyon · 61-69, T
Surely the trousers are tucked into the socks. :-)
TinFoilHat · F
@ninalanyon Scandalous! 🤐
IamBack · 31-35, M
I got a pair of camouflage pants that I tuck into my black boots that have an 8” neck 😌 makes the ladies look lol
IamBack · 31-35, M
@TinFoilHat not that but I like you’re thinking about “snakes” ;) 🐍
@IamBack you think anyway. 🤭

Jk my friend
IamBack · 31-35, M
@Bexsy made you look just by typing that out lol
You mean you can't carry a spare ball of socks in your trouser pockets?
TinFoilHat · F
@NerdyPotato In case my golf is so bad I have to climb into a lake to play hunt the ball?
This is why I don’t play golf ⛳️ 😌
TinFoilHat · F
@SW-User Because you like to tuck your socks in?
@TinFoilHat Naww it’s a good walk spoiled if you ask me 💁‍♂️😅. Always tucked our jeans in when riding bicycle though . Those bell bottoms were famous for getting caught in the chain 😳😂
bookerdana · M
The Canaille.....they never go away🧐
NudasPriest · 46-50, M
I doubt that even works with boots.
NudasPriest · 46-50, M
@TinFoilHat Don't you dare put THAT song in my head.
TinFoilHat · F
@NudasPriest Too late I suspect? Oops I did it again! 🤷🏼‍♀️
NudasPriest · 46-50, M
@TinFoilHat 😂🤣😂
Renaci · 36-40
I tuck my shoes into my socks.

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