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should i wear what i want or care what other people think

[c=BF0080][i]i have a few knights Templar long sleeve t shirts, just long sleeve t shirts with a knights cross emblem on the front....but there are times i feel self conscious about wearing the shirts, worry that i don't look right and worry about what people think?

i'm a medieval history enthusiast, that's why i wear the shirts...what does anyone think, should i go ahead and wear the shirts and not give a damn what people think? or think twice about it?[/i][/c]
twiigss · M
You wear what *YOU* want to wear. If you start worrying about what others think, you are effectively letting other people run your life. You do what you want, and you dress how you want. And it doesn't matter a single bit what anyone else thinks. Life is extremely too short to worry about what others are thinking. Be well friend :)

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