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My baby won't let us sit.

So I'm just walking around with him wrapped to me and he's sleeping. We sit, he cry. I lay him down, he cry. I hold him certain way, he cry. Something's up, he's been having alot more spit up than usual and I can hear him swallowing back stuff that's coming up sometimes. It's gotta be reflux. Poor baby. We are seeing the doc Monday.
...maybe don鈥檛 let him sleep on his back so that God forbid he doesn鈥檛 choke on it in his sleep...馃馃馃only on his right side..馃馃so it drips down his cheek....
Notsimilarreally31-35, F
@InHeaven yup,.he usually sleeps on his side, tucked right into my arm and I curl around him.
If it's like adult acid reflex then make sure his upper body is higher than his lower body while laying down. Like an extra blanket/padding under his shoulders/head.
Lots of babies want to be carried constantly. But the spit up might be something.
Reflux possibly 馃槼馃槥馃馃
Notsimilarreally31-35, F
@Montanaman that's what I'm thinkin
I hope he feels better soon !!
JaggedLittlePill41-45, F
Acid reflux. Try feeding him while sitting slighty upward and burp him in between ..like half way through the bottle and at the end.

When you take to the doctor talk about this. My son used soy formula to help with an intolerance to the milk based formula. He had these kinds of issues and would spit up whole bottles.
@JaggedLittlePill same. My son's reflux last for 6 months. 馃憤馃憤馃馃
Notsimilarreally31-35, F
@JaggedLittlePill thanks. Sometimes I do burp twice like that. We have been comfort nursing laying in bed and I believe this may be the problem. Maybe I just need to stop. : (
JaggedLittlePill41-45, F
@Notsimilarreally Awe. No...just while feeding and I forgot to say have them sit up for a bit afterward too...maybe in a carseat or those relaxing seats if they still have those...
HotPizza7151-55, M
I know that feeling,because the baby can't tell you what up,your kind goes crazy..
All part n parcel of learning about parenting, finding out as you go along..
Hope it settles Soon xx
iamonfire69641-45, F
It does sound like reflux, poor babe. If it continues talk to the doctor. All the suggestions here are really good.

I hope it gets better soon for him and you.

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