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Do You Make Your Sons Do House Chores?


Or do you think house chores are only for women? :
SteelHands · 61-69, M Best Comment
It's best if a man can support his family without his children's mother needing to hold an outside job and then she can do the easier house chores while the man mows the lawn, carrys out the trash, and does the mechanical repairs of the property.

Otherwise they need to be a week on week off or some other agreed upon shared responsibility. Housework is time consuming. Hauling and folding and stowing laundry, planning and cooking meals and keeping cookware and dishes clean are time consuming and require close attention. As does keeping small ones presentable and out of mischief.
Scrubbing the bathroom, vacuuming floors, keeping the appliances and pantry organized and clean, likewise. If you have family pets this too. Then add to that
Acting as chauffer for school and social activities for the older kids. Gardening and mending tasks, dry cleaning pick up and deliveries. Maintaining shopping lists and coupon specials as well as knowing how to select meats and produce venders by quality and price. Housework is actually a very skilled occupation that has swiftly been becoming a rare job to fill.

Anyone claiming that housekeeping is not a career is wrong. Any woman that thinks working outside is something to feel superior about has a lot to learn. Learning how to thread and use a sewing machine properly isn't any less a talent than keeping a golf course quality lawn and a hedge as straight as a fresh 2 by 4.

Thandeka · 31-35, F
@SteelHands Well said.
SteelHands · 61-69, M
@Thandeka Thanks. I know plain life doesn't exist in the coastal areas and major cities anymore but plenty of people still live that way.

Although you wouldn't know it going by the tiny number of know it alls on the web and a few smug californicating Hollywood drips or out of touch beltway politicians. I guess you can add collegiately brainwashed minor ones as well.

I just figure that if a handful of cam girls and the Tate brothers are now the defacto goal of everyone in these parts then my own beliefs can't be that hard to hear.

Thanks for hearing.

HairbrushDiva · 31-35, F
I don't have any children but if I did the boys would do chores. No sexism in my part of the city.
revenant · F
Yep. I am met with grumble grumble grumble grumble but they have to do their share.
Thandeka · 31-35, F
@revenant Boys will be boys 🤭. Nobody can say you didn't teach them.
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Thandeka · 31-35, F
@jshm2 Train them while they're still young🤭.
subhubby · 56-60, M
No, in our home, I do most of the housework.
Thandeka · 31-35, F
@subhubby Why's that?
Mattypp · 56-60, M
I do dishes laundry what else baby need do help out
eventtemple123 · 22-25, M
My mom made me do chores
Torsten · 36-40, M
he has his few chores he does. Like cleaning his room and feeding the dog. I do the rest
Mattypp · 56-60, M
Thandeka · 31-35, F
@Mattypp Why not?
Mattypp · 56-60, M
@Thandeka I don't have any is why not
Thandeka · 31-35, F
@Mattypp Same with me. I'm glad I don't have any. If only people would stop making me feel like I'm missing out because I don't have them 🤭.

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