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sometimes your husband never learns

So about 9 years ago shortly before we got married I spent the night at Jakes house while his and my sisters had a sleepover. Well the girls who were in the living room were making way to much noise in the middle the night and he got out of bed and went and yelled at them. Well he forgot he had nothing on until after the girls started laughing their asses off. well hey your 16 year old brother just came storming in the living room stark naked to yell at you for making to much noise what else you gonna do right? I swear I tried to call him back to get his boxers (right). Well it seems he didnt learn his lesson about that cause our 6 year old is having a sleep over with some girls from church tonight and seems they woke up and decided to start jumping around the living room at 2 in the morning. He went to tell them off stark naked again. though thankfully since they are 6 not 11 to 14 he realized that fact before he reached the living room and grabbed a sheet out the linen closet lol.
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Why post this stuff?
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How old were you when you married?
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