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Why just me??? Its not fair...

All the depression and anxiety started at the age of 8 im 17 and i got moved from my biological parents... it still affects me to this day... i dont know why either? But i started cutting at the age of 9 because i had just found out that my parents werent trying... they choose drugs over me... why..? Just [b]why me?[/b] but the reason we got tooken was because my sister got sexually abused and verbally abused me my older sister and my younger brother got emotiobally abused we also got neglected so my older sister basically took care of me... but now im adopted only see my sister once a month... but yeah...
Patientlywaiting · 41-45, F
Hi. I'm an adoptive parent and prior to that, a foster carer. I also had a difficult childhood of my own and got moved around a lot so I have a little bit of insight on how you might be feeling.

I can't have an opinion about your personal situation specifically but my general experience of birth parents - and as a foster carer I met lots - is that they are usually people who are constantly battling extremely complex lives, lots of mental health difficulties, lots of pain and trauma of their own, serious addiction and learning disability. All of this means that although they often want to turn their lives around and they want to parent you, they are not actually in a secure enough place to do so because they desperately need help themselves and their personal situation is just to overwhelming to know where to even begin.
I honestly think the most loving and brave thing a parent can do in this situation is to allow social services to step in and remove their child and then they can start a difficult journey in trying to get help and heal.

As an adoptive parent (I have three boys who were previously our foster kids) I can tell you that, although you were not born biologically to your adoptive parents, you are very much wanted and very much loved. I'm sure you have probably tried to test this on numerous occasions and you probably don't always feel it but it's true. Even if you are not within their sight, you will still be in their minds and hearts all the time. Message me if you ever want to chat Xx
That's awful, I'm really sorry to hear how hard your life has been. Are your adoptive parents good to you?
Sjones13 · 36-40, M
Sorry to hear that. Please feel free to message me if you need to talk
Lion1776 · 51-55, M
So sorry you have been through this.

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