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Would you do this with your kids?.. See details below

I would not btw馃槕馃槕馃槕

My very loud neighbours were in their garden all morning with their 2 kids, the oldest is nearly 4, the younger only 2, the older one was whinging a bit, as kids of that age do, every time he cried the mother and father just did an impression of him crying, really being mean about it, I don't know why they continued to keep on doing it, as all it did is make the poor guy cry more and more...
My kids said omg mom, why are they being so mean to him 馃槷
Stuck in the house for days, patience grows thin. Not proud of it but I've lost my temper more than once. Does that excuse it, no but I can say there is worse in life.
@DarkHeaven I can only hope to inspire such knowledge and such a bond in my own children. 馃
@Elegy He鈥檚 amazing. Life on the farm was literally instruction for life. Be the best you. I believe you can. I have faith in you. 馃枻馃
@DarkHeaven I try. 馃槝
That鈥檚 disgusting, child abuse hun.
@SW-User This makes me sad. My Dad was tough as hell and we kids had to work hard and he punished us when we deserved it but he would never humiliate us like that. That鈥檚 horrible. Kids can struggle with self image enough already. They don鈥檛 need that shit.
@DarkHeaven that poor little guy could grow up with a complex and feel fearful of expressing his emotions 馃様
@SW-User My Dad was really tough in what he expected but everything was to make us stronger. He would have seen that as cruel and destructive. He wouldn鈥檛 do it.
DragonFruit61-69, M
I wouldn鈥檛, and my parents didn鈥檛.
My father would occasionally say 鈥淜eep crying....I鈥檒l give you something to cry about鈥, which was enough to get us to stop pretty quickly.
@DragonFruit my mother used to say that too, it's an awful thing to say
GeorgeTBH31-35, M
Wtf what kind of parent does that
GeorgeTBH31-35, M
@SW-User my old neighbors would let their kids out in the backyard and they would just screech at the top of their lungs all day all freaken day long from like 7am to like 6pm non stop and they said nothing like I get it kids play but like fuck man it was all damn day
@GeorgeTBH yeah, that's probably very annoying to the neighbours 馃様
GeorgeTBH31-35, M
@SW-User it is they gave me shit because after a bit I couldn't take it so I have a little speaker and was just cranking metal and shit loud they got super pissed lol
that poor kid has very immature parents. they'll pay the price once he's a teenager.
@penti I think so too
That's just cruel!
@LadyJ yes, very
@SW-User some people just don't deserve to have children
That鈥檚 awful 馃様
@summersong 鈽癸笍馃槥
@summersong @SW-User 馃
graphite61-69, M
In the olde days, parents would simply tell their sons that "Big boys don't cry!" while the parents were in the midst of battering and brutalizing them.
@graphite I miss the good old days! 馃ズ
@Elegy lol
Torsten36-40, M
no because I am not a total prick
Torsten36-40, M
@SW-User seriously? I don't even know these people and I now hate em lol. Cant deal with people like that
@Torsten I could tell you more, but I'd be here all week, they're very strange, and most of it is because of the wife, she's a weirdo
Torsten36-40, M
@SW-User they sound pretty fucked up. If you do that type of shit to your own kid, I wouldn't be surprised over anything else.
Rhodesianman56-60, M
That is just not on why would you .Report them to child services , sounds like mental abuse .
That's mean and not helpful at all. Very poor parenting...
@SW-User I agree
juiceyangel33331-35, F

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