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@SW-User @Moonpenny I'm talkin' to you!!!

My sister has just had a [b]complete[/b] emotional break, & her boyfriend has went & [b] utterly & completely[/b] fucked it in the ass by saying that she's "a grown woman" who needs to "get it together"

I mean; jesus fucking wept!!

Anyway. I need resources up the wazoo here... We're at critical mass!!

Help a Seven out!!! 馃槺馃槶馃槶馃槶
luctoretemergo61-69, M
Walks into the lunch room...see's the 3 of you talking like this....says "woops"...and slowly walks out.....(I don't care what they say I always clean the microwave when I'm done...)
@luctoretemergo I'm upstairs. Fuck that noise!
Everything Voodoo says. Look at BBC Bitesize as well. Will have a shufty in my 'favourites' online.
@Moonpenny you're a peach. Terrifying times.
@SevenTierCrazyCake I can PM you some other stuff too.
@Moonpenny thanks, honey.
@goliathtree this. uh-huh
JRVanguard22-25, M
I鈥檓 no teacher
But he can go fuck himself
@JRVanguard lockdown. No one is themselves.
JRVanguard22-25, M
@SevenTierCrazyCake Fair enough
CountScrofula41-45, M
Gahhhh! What resources do you need?? If uh, a guy who is on the wrong continent can provide anything.
@CountScrofula tiny person is what we call primary 3 (she's six, seven next week) I need educational ideas to entertain her. My sister is an artist who has severe dyscalculia so she grand with making stuff. But maths creates meltdowns.
CountScrofula41-45, M
@SevenTierCrazyCake Your poor sister. Nobody is at their best right now but her bf's response is still inexcusable.

I can find stuff but folks like CakeNinja will know better than I. Hope she comes through with the good stuff!
@CountScrofula I dunno. The sister been a wee handful today 馃槀
Does he need a telling off or work?
@SevenTierCrazyCake I'll DM links
@SW-User I love you.
HatterM46-50, M
Gosh. Teaching is known to be an extremely stressful profession. Her chap needs to get a grip on that. Whatever initiated the breakdown, hope assistance from fellow professionals helps and support from understanding folk - which seems to exclude her bloke, for now.
TheYummyNurse26-30, F
Crash n burn
@TheYummyNurse I'd hiding. He's got a death wish clearly 馃槵
Rokasu31-35, M
I meeeean it just means she can do it to him now.
@Rokasu I'd like to fuckin' see them try 馃槀

I work for a big scary American firm & have more than once told the big big bosses to go fuck themselves in meetings. The trick is to be extremely good at your job. & to always [b]ALWAYS[/b] be five steps ahead. 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔
goliathtree56-60, M
@SevenTierCrazyCake I threw my keys at one boss and hit him right between the eyes and headed for the door. He chased after me and I turned, fully expecting to have to lay him out, and he handed me my keys and said "lets talk"

We are more alike every day...lmao.
@goliathtree I remember you telling me about this at the time. Lol!

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