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I got this nice little note in my 5 year olds planner today. I’m not happy, her behavior is getting so bad. I don’t know what to do anymore...

greymatter61 · 56-60, M
hmm sounds like she is having some issues with her peers. Before being to pissed I would find out why. Kids can be monsters could be that they deserved to get the finger.
Emmalyn · 22-25, F
[@919695,greymatter61] hahaha! Yeah 😂 what I hate is when people blame it on the parenting...I have never flipped anybody off in front of her, NEVER so I don’t know where the heck she got it from but it sure wasn’t me and she’s grounded from my phone and the tv and if she gets a good report tomorrow, I told her she will be ungrounded but if not, she will be grounded until Sunday so I am hoping me saying that will encourage her to be good. But my youngest had a problem with swearing, and people were like, “well, probably got it from you” and nope, I do not swear in front of them. Sometimes it will slip but very rarely, but thankfully she hasn’t sworn (that I know of) in almost two weeks now 😅 But parenting is so dang hard 😭😭 fingers crossed for a good report from school tomorrow 🤞🏼
greymatter61 · 56-60, M
[@855531,Emmalyn] Not blaming it on you, trust me I have two kids of my own they are far from perfect. In my case there has been instances where I had to punish behavior that not only did I understand, but may well have done same in their place and at their age. All a parent can really do is provide a loving home with constant boundaries and hope for the best. Sounds like you are doing that so it will be okay.
Emmalyn · 22-25, F
[@919695,greymatter61] thank youuu💗 and ik you weren’t, just lots of other people do blame it on me 🙄 but thanks so much for being so sweet!!
mangomonkey · 36-40, F

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