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I Believe Mother's Milk Is Best For Babies

Hand in Hand
The Pill and breast formula.
When you solve one issue another one becomes a bigger one with far more reaching implications.

Releasing us from the burden to stay at home. To leave our infant to work and have the ideal home is at a huge cost to human health.

The immune system;

The immune system and rise of autism spectrum.
The foundation of health is the foundation of our immune system. It begins in the blood flow from mum to foetus.
The next phase is the mother’s milk, she gives the baby the foundation to build blocks to all the bacteria/virus threats that surround the growing child.
Since the 1960’s the development of baby formula, has disguised to help the mum, leave the shackles of breast feeding, to on the go able to leave her child at day care and join the work force.
Yet, baby formula, will indeed give the baby nutrients, it does not help build immune foundation.
Babies don’t get dirty anymore, they play in fake and sterile day care centres. Then again the minerals and building blocks we get from playing in dirt has gone by that way for feminism had to get into the board room.

Why has autism spectrum struck with so much vengeance since the 1960”s. The freedom of mothers has impaired the development of healthy immune systems for mothers to work and create more product yet at the depletion of our boys. Males are 5 times more like to be affected by the autism spectrum than females.

We have unshackled three generations of females since the 1960’s with the pill and breast formula. The signs of immune depletion, the protection and immune response now blamed on vaccines are a by- product the side effect of so called female liberation.
berangere · 80-89, F
Breast milk contains antibodies which protect the babies.Sadly it can also contain viruses as in the case of AIDS that can be transmitted to the baby.
SoFine · 46-50, F
The good and the bad of health, yes AIDS is an issue more in 3rd world nations. In Australia the percentage of female with AIDS giving birth will be low.
So much misinformation. And so much judgement.
[c=#BF0080]I didn't breast feed and all is good with my kids. 🙂[/c]
@SoFine: I breast fed my 4 children for over 6 years combined. I was also a trained breastfeeding counselor. Quite frankly, I know my shit in this regard.

Stop being a judgmental ass and look at the big picture. Moms are feeding and taking good care of their babies. That's all that really matters at the end of the day.

We moms should be striving to lift one another up, not bring each other down with petty nonsense like this.
SoFine · 46-50, F
Good on you!

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Mother's Milk
According to UNICEF, if infants worldwide were fed only mother's milk for their first six months, at least 1.3 million lives a year would be saved
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