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my mom always plays the victim card

my mom is so annoying. she always plays the victim card, i'm honestly so done with her at this point. she exaggerates EVERYTHING so much its hilarious. i told her i wanna study grade 11 and 12 in a different school and you know what she told my dad??
"ur daughter said she doesn't wanna study anymore let's just send her out of country to work. guiding her is so difficult for me, she will be the cause of my early death" LMAOOO how does me wanting to continue my high school in a different school means i don't wanna study anymore??? just so fckn stupid. the fact that am not even an adult yet and she wants me to start working already hahaha
Do not take offence at this answer. I use this example as actual, factual evidence. If you're in grade 10, show your question to your mother. The spelling and grammar is atrocious (if you are a native English speaker) and your current school has failed you. I'm sure that you can easily pull out some equally "bad" examples of your education.

Turn the tables by moaning and crying yourself, with your current state of education, you'll never get a good education or a good job. You'll probably always be a burden to her. Lay it on as thick as she gives it. Good luck!
ririi · 13-15
@notyouraveragedummy i'm not a native english speaker and i do agree my post had a few grammatical error as i wasn't in the state of mind to recheck before posting it but I didn't find any spelling error? If there are any please do correct me.
And my reason to change schools isn't wholly because of the "education" you are speaking of. I study in a catholic school and it has a great reputation in our city but not everything that meets the eye is true. The rules are messed up, for eg- they will lift up our skirt to check whether we are wearing tights or not. The Christian students are allowed to wear a cross whereas if the students who follow other religions, example: hinduism wears a "Tika" (i'm sorry if u don't know what it is but the comment will be long if explain it. Its just something related to hindu religion), they aren't following the rules and will be suspended. This is literally bigotry but no one dares to speak up. The teachers aren't any better. They body shame the students, slut shame them because the length of their skirt is ½ an inch above their knees. According to them we come to school to impress "boys" but its an all girls school🤡. There are so many examples i could give but i would rather not as i doubt u will even bother reading this. Thank you and have a good day/night.

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