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I Come From a Broken Family

Allow me to summarise my childhood my dad's a cunt my mums a bitch and my siblings are all assholes who treat me like's a bitch aint it!
But hang on if this is all for the benefit of kids isnt that kinda stupid i mean if a kid doesnt understand swearing that how does it hurt them and if they do then it cant hurt them there is a difference between having rules and allowing censorship to do too far EP and SW are made for the specific purpose of allowing people to say anything they whant and frankley what are kids doing on a site like this anyway
Wording....serioisly! I've sworn in a bunch of non adult posts and I've seen a ton of other people do the same so what! and are you guys under the impression that under 18s dont know and use bad words themselves cause they do and besides its not like people dont lie on thier ages ive seen 13-15 profiles that talk about literally nothing but sex
Well im so very sorry but i have every right to use whatever words i like especially when talking about my own life and if a bunch of panseys dont like what i have to say then they dont have to read it but im not going to cencore myself for the sake of people i dont even know
It's because of minors.. just have respect. You're making a huge deal out of nothing. If a group is mildly adult or adult then say what you want. When you post a story you have the option to mark it as adult as well. We all don't like rules either but it's life.
Trouble! Maybe SW needs to specify what classes as adult especially considering that there are entire groups about sex that are classified as mildly or even non adult and what exactly did i do wrong mr MOD?
Guess what i just tried to block that MOD(twice) and it turns out you cant block MODs what B.S is that double standerds or what!
Oh! No wonder.. I can see why the mod would say something. It's a non adult group and it's kind of vulgar.
Will do my friend will do
I know we should make our own new EP where you have to be 18 to sign up that way we can say whatever we want without fear of a bunch of douchbags who dont like bad words complaining
Honestly, I can't answer that. I really do understand what you're saying though. Maybe it's for legal reasons because of minors or something. I have no idea. It is what it is lol.
Hey ernest i just got "warned" by that mod Lol and you just know it aint cause of this post its cause i fought back #fight the power Lol
Jessa29 · 36-40, FMod
@BenjaminChapman please remember when writing stuff like this to use the correct rating.
Jessa29 · 36-40, FMod
@BenjaminChapman I'm a female moderator. It's the wording you used in a non- adult group that minors can see.
ernestcharles · 70-79, M
Hey, the warning actually shows up on your page. It's a mark of honour in my opinion.
ernestcharles · 70-79, M
Absolutely. We're trapped. Be good ... or else!
ernestcharles · 70-79, M
I know. You're a righteous dude.

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Broken Family
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