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I Was Adopted

i wonder why my real mum never wanted me .....馃槗馃槩
TheotherAndy41-45, M
Might not have been that she didn鈥檛 want you, but couldn鈥檛 have you.
Maybe she did, but knew she couldn't give you a decent life. :(
@Peaceful she could have still tryed tho hhhuuu am sure she had are reasons 馃槗
@north the moms I know that have given their kids up feel tremendous guilt, but at the time thought it was the best for their child.
TheotherAndy41-45, M
Random I know, but I was adopted too. Don鈥檛 think of it as your mom didn鈥檛 want you. Being too hard on yourself. I have a sister who was adopted too
And it may not even be that she gave you up because she didn't want you at the time she may have felt like she was doing what was best for you she might have felt that someone else could provide and take care of you better than she could and she just did it cause she wanted you to have the best life possible
@ExperienceDLT i love my family am with and i feel like a part of it but theres times were i feel like am not my adopted mum and ded have a son of ther own and i feel like thers time were i just ant part of the family 馃槩馃槗
@north yea I understand but I believe they love you very much and they chose to have you be a part of there family if they didn't they would not have adopted you they chose to adopt you because they did want you to be apart of there family
@north well no matter what reason your birth mom had for giving you up for adoption it wasn't because of you so don't blame yourself ok you were just a baby you didn't do anything to cause it
Could have been alot of different reasons but do not be sad or feel like it is your fault or anything she just made a choice that's all
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ronisme161-69, M
There is a million reasons to want you but sometimes they are not able to raise you. She may have been handicapped or unable to raise you. She might have been 14 or had religious reasons.she might have had health problems. But I'm sure giving you up was the hardest decision in her life.
IWasCallingYaLarry26-30, M
I'm sorry :( *hugs* . Always message me if you need a friend to talk to. We haven't talked in a while and also I am a good listener. I wasn't close with my dad btw. Cheated on my nom with a psycho and left us when I was 3 months old.
Maybe she wanted you to have a better life than she could give you. Maybe she was raped. Maybe was a unwed teen.

Who knows? But I bet the ones who adopted you, cherish you.
I am certain she knew she would miss out on a wonderful daughter but had circumstances that would not allow her to keep you. You have never left her mind.
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496sbc36-40, M
Wow. That is very and extremely sad. I feel really bad for u that u didn鈥檛 get to know u mom.
User4136-40, M
Maybe she had sex with Satan an knew you were anti christ.
don't blame yourself,sometimes people have issues
Most likely because she had some issue. No fault of yours .
IWasCallingYaLarry26-30, M
I think the same about my dad.
AngelKrish26-30, M
馃 You deserve alot of love!
IWasCallingYaLarry26-30, M
Awwww. I'm sorry :( . *hugs*
IWasCallingYaLarry26-30, M
*hugs you*
Smikezz246-50, M

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