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Little project

I know it will only last 10 seconds with the kids and apparently the kitten but we all had fun building it
And yes the cat did jump on top floor think he loves it too and next time they want a car garage ha want it changing already kids are crazy
dale74 · M
Cat found something better than a box. Dare you to put it in the cats favorite window
MiraRoss · 31-35, F
@dale74 lol true cats own everything
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MiraRoss · 31-35, F
@jshm2 please elaborate on this? You walk your dog cats have the freedom to go out by themselves if outdoor.
You clean your dogs poo same for cat you entertain your dog same as cats can teach both tricks they both love hugs and to chill out so how is that different if anything you have to walk your dog but don't a cat? We own both we don't staff them both the same to be honest
TheRascallyOne · 31-35, M
What a beautiful house and cat too
MiraRoss · 31-35, F
@mindlessdrifter thank you
Aww your kitty is just so cute 🥹🥰
MiraRoss · 31-35, F
@ThreeLittleBirds thank you. Will be getting him a friend at end of the month
Best wishes 😻😺😽@MiraRoss

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