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It's sad how many people assume same things for youngest, middle and oldest children

As a youngest(I have one older brother), my life is not getting everything I want whenever I want, it's not basically ruling the world, it's not my parents not getting mad at me for everything, it's not my parents spoiling me, no. I wish people just stop being like: ,,it's always when oldest child get 1(F grade), they get beaten up, middle doesn't even get notice, and youngest child gets to buy something (for example). Like, if it really is like this in your household, I'm seriously very sorry that specific sibling gets more attention and privalages. But what gets on my nerves is that people say that it's ALWAYS like that, the same. Different kind of households exist. Like I saw videos of people saying how being the youngest actually can be, and some people were like: ,,No, it's for *middle or oldest*. Like seriously just let people vent and don't correct them when it's their life.
This excatly is one issue for some people, being youngest and everyone automatically assumes you're the favorite and spoiled. Like be fr.

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